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June 17, 2021


New Reward System Announcement

Revain is moving towards a new reward system. Now we can finally share more details with you.

Some of you might have guessed that Revain makes money from ads. The website traffic allows us to improve the platform, hold competitions, open new categories, etc. The higher the traffic - the more resources we have. This is why we like to see detailed and engaging reviews that people actually read and not just skim over.

Starting today we count the visits to the pages of your reviews. Everyone will be able to see the visits stats after the upcoming updates. There will be no fixed rewards per view of your review. The rewards will be determined by the ad revenue of Revain. The feature that will alow the authors to get their rewards for views will be ready during the next 4 months (although we will try to do it faster).

It means that the more views your reviews get and the more time people spend reading them - the more you will earn. It means that you can write one review and keep getting rewards for it every day, if other people read it.

So share your reviews on social media and tell your friends about Revain to get even more engagement!

Keep in mind that only the reviews that have over 2000 characters and at least 3 images will be eligible for rewards for views when the new features are released.

The system will be updated and its final version might be different from the one described here. We will tell you more soon.

The first step towards this new system is changing the old one.

The new reward rules are:

For writing a first, second, or third review of a Featured Company, level 1-9 users get 20 XP and 0.1 RVN, while level 10 users and Experts get 0.3 RVN.

For writing a fourth or higher review of a Featured Company, level 1-9 users get 10 XP, while level 10 users and Experts get no rewards.

For writing a first, second, or third review of a regular company or product , level 1-9 users get 10 XP and 0.1 RVN, while level 10 users and Experts get 0.3 RVN.

For writing a fourth or higher review of a regular company or product, level 1-9 users get 10 XP, while level 10 users and Experts get no rewards.

For getting likes on their content Level 1-9 users get 0.1 XP per like.

For writing comments, Level 1-9 users get 0.5 XP per comment.

The rewards for reaching new levels remain the same.

We will also still be launching new competitions with more rewards

Please keep in mind that the RVN rewards for reviews of companies and products in some categories are disabled. You can find the list of these categories here.

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Comments 8

Alejandro Diego

2 months ago

A cut in rewards of 70% for level 10 and experts, and 80% for those of us at the lower level is degrading. I hope they review the proposal, because without reviews, they will not have content to sell, and paying miseries, the reviews will have a very poor level. I imagine that they seek to take advantage of the reviews already written, of those that we write thinking about charging better in the future. In summary, someone could earn US $ 150 per month, for 2 hours of daily work, now they have lowered it to $ 45. It is a strong blow to those of us who have been providing content to the base.

Juan Carlos

2 months ago

Lamento mucho la decisión que han tomado. Esto hace que ya no sea redituable escribir reseñas. Deberían replantearse volver a un esquema de recompensas que pueda ser más justo. Para llegar al nivel 7 debo incrementar 200 xp, que son como mínimo 20 reseñas. se hace imposible seguir de esta manera.

Alfonso García

2 months ago

The truth is that I feel cheated ... They definitely already got the amount of reviews they wanted, and now they're laughing at us. I have been writing in the hope that in the future I might get fairly decent rewards. 0.1 Rev at my current level, and if it hit level 10, it would be 0.3 Rev. This seems like a joke. I have been writing reviews and striving to reach level 10 asap. I'm at level 6 today, and this scheme makes it unprofitable for those of us who write reviews. And then it must be 2000 characters with 3 images, to see if they pay anything?

Cristhian Mcwyersh

2 months ago

I fully understand their new method, but I don't dare to continue writing, I am burning hard to do research and then give a good review, and they pay less and less, I don't agree, so I'll just go to another platform where they are more considerate

Kadir Akar

2 months ago

revain no longer encourages me to write I don't understand why this is done. There hasn't been such boring news for a year now, every time you get a notification, I wonder why Revain dropped my award, this is very sad.

Özgün A

2 months ago

I have used Revain with pleasure until now, but I guess I will not write anymore. You get everyone's effort, but you give very small rewards. This is never fair. What is 0.3 rvn? Are you kidding me? and you want us to type at least 2000 characters in return.

Hassan Abdullahi

2 months ago

Not impressive at all, i guess I'll just have to quite this platform Not an encouraging update, rather it's a indication that we're not going to be rewarded for our hardwork. I just hope things go back to before

Praise Olagbadun

2 months ago

Revains rewards system is just getting worse on a daily basis Please it would be an honor if you guys should restore it back to 1RVN as 0.3RVN isn't encouraging at all I do hope you check out my suggestion and apply it soon. Thanks!

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