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January 23, 2019


Revain has been listed on the ABCC exchange

Another day, another exchange added Revain!

Advancing our efforts to make Revain easily available to people throughout the world, we’ve arranged a new listing for the R token. It has been added to the ABCC exchange, a part of the international crypto-asset ecosystem that consists of crypto exchange, universal cryptocurrency wallet, platform for options trading, business cloud for automated cryptocurrency exchanges and has a native dividend token. ABCC focuses on assisting investors with identifying valuable blockchain assets, delivering secure online trading, and offering professional service.

Check ABCC's article about Revain:

After you complete all steps of the giveaway please fill https://medium.com/@abcc.com/4e9083fa6108

How to Trade R on ABCC

ABCC supports trading via Market, Limit and Stop Orders. To start trading, go to the top of the website and click “Exchange.” You will see a list of trading pairs divided by BTC, ETH, and USDT. Clicking on any of them will summon the list of the available pairs. Proceed to choose the one you are interested in, this will take you to the trading page that contains an order book and TradingView charts.

Choosing the right exchange is not only a vital part of making your cryptocurrency investments as safe as possible but also determines your trading options. As we are spoiled for choice when it comes to platforms that provide trading services, making a decision can be quite daunting. Revain lets you browse through hundreds of reviews of people who have already tried different platforms so that you can find an exchange that’s a right fit for you.

Read reviews on this and other exchanges on Revain.

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