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May 6, 2018


Revain Introduces Version 0.7 of the Dashboard: Projects Can Now Engage with Reviewers

Revain is happy to roll out the newest version of its flagship Dashboard product. Version 0.7 is expanding the platform into a new exciting direction with a view to help projects to establish the connection with its users and token-holders. Besides that, for the first time the company starts to experiment with the business model. This release is an important milestone for the formation of the Dashboard as a tool for projects to work with users’ feedback and manage its public image. So let’s get right into it:

We created a section for project accounts

These pages, which are created by project themselves, will have the following functionality: project admins can design their pages (to a point) and get in touch with the users, thus promoting their product and taking care of its brand integrity.

There is a wide field here for developing a network for cooperation, and also for taking in that much-valued feedback, which will make the companies stronger. In a sense, this means shortening the gap between the consumer and the companies so that everyone is eventually happy: clients because their voice is heard and companies because they can reach more clients and improve their service and reach out for maximum engagement with the public.

We started providing premium service in beta

We have added a variety of new features. As we are looking for a golden (pardon the pun) middle between providing quality and having the financial means to do so, we are introducing a to-be-paid-for service.

By subscribing (not yet so that everyone can try out the service) projects will be able to design their pages and users can create their own virtual companies. If you have any questions, use the communication channels below or, if you’re after an immediate answer, knock on our Telegram door.

We’ve cleaned up

For a smoother, user-friendly interface we have reshaped the Dashboard, making it more intuitive and ridding it of some cumbersome stuff people rarely use. We’ve also added a few features.

We started encouraging good activity

Essentially, being a part of the community is what we all want. In a sense, it’s a sense of belonging we are all after, and for a good reason. Getting a large number of likes will mean you have systematically proven yourself to be reasonable and dependable, which will now be reflected in your karma.


We think it is colossally important that users find a platform that will allow them to make educated decisions based on the voice of the crypto community. Revain has been described as the regulator that this market desperately needs. That is a lot of ways is true, so we do strive to constantly provide excellent service. We are also very fond of providing a meaningful dialogue between the businesses and the consumer, which is why version 0.7, which we have enabled this mechanism to the full, is especially significant to us.

Official Website: https://revain.org

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/CzZcC0PCgpJcbBCb3JfNeQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revain.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Revain_org

Medium: https://medium.com/revain

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/revain_org/

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