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Transfer any value with the speed of light for almost nothing

First of all let me start with saying that I am not pro bitcoin only (BTC Maxi). Especially from the investment and speculative standpoint. To make it clear I see the advantages of bitcoin over other crypto projects manily in the technical and philosofical manner but I am still exploring other opportunities such as ethereum with smart cotracts. On the other hand if we accept that bitcoin is mainly store of value and has a potential to be a medium of exchange with its second layer Lightning Network there is no other better option for this purpose right now (for example highest hashrate - highest security etc.). Moreover in my humble opinion there is no need to try to invent anything better as there is more potential somewhere else. Full stop. Lightning network brought to Bitcoin the speed and low fees. It has many practial use cases such as for transfer of value with speed of light and with unnoticable fees. That means you can even utilize the bitcoin blockchain to transfer the fiat currency better than utilizing traditional finacial services. Not even talking about crossborder payments with different foreign pairs (different currency on one end and different on another end). There are some technical behind Lightning Network. There are channels you need to have open (and have some lightning bitcoin in them for the capacity) or use some of the open channels. You can use non-custodial or custodial wallet to be able to use lightning bitcoin for payments (it uses invoices for payment options). To name a few I am using - non-custodial: Phoenix, Muun, Breez and Custodial: BlueWallet. You have to count that with these options you will pay few thousands of satoshis to open the channel. On the other hand all of them are very easy to use. They have simple GUI and you can start using them for payements without any hurdle. If you want go deeper in the lightning network and utilize it as it shoudl be, it makes sense to have and run your own node. This is little bit more technical as it requires to order a hardware (the best option for me is Raspberry Pi - mini P with enough power, with SSD disk, flash disk, case etc - all sum up around 400 USD). You will also need to install special software but there are plenty of manuals on the internet. With your own node running lightning client you will be self sufficient, will hold the bitcoin blockchain and can use special wallet connected to your node like Zap or use node as a wallet itself. I strongly believe that if you want to spend longer time with crypto and give the crypto space something back, it is mandatory to own your node.
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Full review about Nominex exchange.

To be honest, I was not familiar with the Nominex exchange, I opened an account as soon as the REV token was listed on the Nominex exchange. I've been using Nominex exchange for the last two days, I deposited USDT there, traded, and chatted with their customer support. I will share my two days of personal experience throughout my review, hopefully this review will be really helpful. User interface and Registration. At first I was fascinated by their website design, really UX/UI designers did a good job of making the platform look great. Most of the exchanges are similar to each other, but Nominex exchange is really unique, the developers have created a great platform without following the design of other exchanges. The platform is really easy to use and the dark mode of the platform makes it more unique for those who trade for a long time. If I talk about the registration process, I would say that it is very easy to register at Nominex with just your email address and password. Although a verification email will come with which to activate the account, it took me less than a minute to receive the verification email. Offers and Rewards. I don't know if their bonus offers will last long, but they are currently offering a bonus of 50 USDT for deposit. And they also have a social sharing contest, where you can earn 10 USDT up to 50 USDT by sharing a Facebook / Twitter post. Moreover they also have trading competitions and referral programs. Nominex Team. Three of their team members are highlighted on their website, I checked the linkedin profiles of each of them, Truly they have great experience about blockchain and crypto. Alexander Petrovich Chief Technology Officer is using his 13 years of experience in Nominex to build a great platform. They've decorated Nominex with great features and are working on many more features that are different from all other platforms. Deposit and Withdrawal. I made a 10 USDT deposit at Nominex which was quickly added to my account. However, in case of USDT deposit, there is a minimum amount which is only 4 USDT, although there is no minimum amount for REV token deposit, So I would suggest you to look at the minimum amount in case of deposit. In case of deposit address you can generate new address every time. My deposited funds are still in the exchange account, I have not withdrawn yet so I can't say about withdrawal, but I will inform you about withdrawal fee, BTC: 0.0005, LTC: 0.001, ETH: 0.01, REV: 300 REV withdrawal fee seemed too much to me. KYC and Buy/Sell crypto. I'm always looking for a platform to trade a little balance where I don't have to do KYC, Nominex is an exchange where you can withdraw 3BTC without KYC. I'm adding a screenshot where you can be sure. You can buy and sell crypto at Nominex using debit and credit cards. They currently have two payment channel: Koinal and Mercuryo. Customer support and NMX token. I knocked on their live chat service to check it out, but I didn't get any response even after I finished writing my review, so I can say their support is not very helpful. You can see the screenshot for the chat activity. Revain has announced that the best review writer will be given an NMX token, so I did some research on this token, it is not a tradable token yet, trade fees can be reduced by using NMX. Current NMX price is 1.1 USDT. Overall, it is not a very popular exchange, but we can use it because of it's remarkable usefulness, great trust evaluations. I'm giving Nominex 4 stars just because of partnership with Revain, Otherwise my original rating is 3 stars.
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Expert's guide to BITEXLIVE crypto exchange.

BITEXLIVE is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by experts with the goal of providing the finest possible service and user experience on the market. BITEXLIVE aims to give a consistent, transparent, and innovative cryptocurrency trading choice on the exchange to make trading fast, secure, and open to everyone across the world. How to begin on BITEXLIVE. BITEXLIVE makes it simple to open an account by requiring only an email address and a password, no KYC is required. You can fund your account using the unique REV address that was assigned to you. There is no minimum deposit at BITEXLIVE, your first deposit will be credited immediately after network confirmation. Once you've deposited the amount of money you want to trade with, you'll be able to check your available balance on your dashboard. Trading scenarios from BITEXLIVE. Once you've signed into your account, you'll be able to see the chart for the instruments you want to trade with. To enter into a transaction, click the BUY or SELL order button in the center of the screen. On the screen, you may monitor the order book in real-time and the most recent trades for the instruments. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a list of your ongoing orders as well as your order history. Aside from Bitcoin, you may also trade in USDT and Alts. Experience using BITEXLIVE. The interface looks simple and basic. Best of all, you'll get the choice of dark mode. In five different languages, you may read the information. BITEXLIVE, which began its operations in 2017, is a well-known crypto exchange. No significant complaints concerning their services have been made so far. The platform features a mobile website that allows you to use your phone and tablets on the move to access your account and trade. They have no mobile applications, though. BITEXLIVE lags behind in terms of customer service since most exchanges provide live chat support, but BITEXLIVE just provides email support, although they are extremely responsive. However, I believe it would be fantastic if there was live chat support. How strong is BITEXLIVE in terms of security? BITEXLIVE utilizes the strongest safety methods, 99% of the assets are held in cold multi-signature wallets to ensure that no losses even when the security is compromised. To improve the security of your account, you can set up 2FA. To safeguard your account with 2FA, you can use an authenticator app. You may also connect to your trading programs, if you would want to trade with bots on the exchange, by using the exchange API credentials. My overall point of view, if you're looking for a trustworthy exchange with a good service offering, strong security, and access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, traders won't find a platform better suited to the exchange than BITEXLIVE. However, it requires additional polishing to make it more appealing to traders, such as adding more currencies, launching fiat currency deposits, offering live chat support, and giving the UI a more professional appearance.
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