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September 23, 2019


New giveaway! Write reviews, update your profile and leave comments🔥

Revain is launching a giveaway. Be active on Revain platform and community and get rewarded. Every now and then we are launching cool giveaways for our community. Join our new giveaway now, complete few easy tasks and get rewarded in crypto.

Rewards for this giveaway will be sent to you in RVN tokens. 1 RVN ~ 1 USDT. We wrote it in USD on the main page so you could understand their value. To learn about RVN token please scroll down.

GIVEAWAY (24.09 - 03.10, 23:59 UTC+0)

❗️To enter this giveaway please join our Telegram channel, Telegram group and Twitter. Also, like and retweet this tweet.

1. Write reviews (2-4 RVN per review)

Write a high-quality review on any project, exchange, wallet or card. Reward is 2 RVN per review.

Besides, every day in our Telegram group we will launch a poll with some hot projects/exchanges. You need to vote for which one you want to review. The reward for the chosen project will be 4 RVN.

Remember: high-quality review doesn’t mean a positive one. A review can be positive, negative or neutral. All reviews should be fully original and contain at least 300 symbols. We don’t accept low-quality reviews. Rewriting someone else review (even with some differences) is prohibited, please write your own original ideas.

2. Update your profile on Revain (2 RVN)

Fill your profile with your personal info (real name, photo, location, biography, at least 2 social networks). To do that please register an account, then click on your name in the right top corner on the site ---> ‘My account’ ---> ‘Settings’.

Reward is 2 RVN.

3. Correct reviews (0,5 RVN per comment)

Correct someone else’s review in the comments under review. Reward is 0,5 RVN per comment.

If you feel like someone’s review isn’t exactly accurate or you have a different opinion on a matter, correct it in the comments section. To do that, just click ‘Add comment’ button under review. The maximum amount of comments from one participant is 100. Please note that low-quality comments will not be counted.

Additional rewards for future Revain Experts

After giveaway ends, we will choose 5 most active participants (by the number and quality of reviews). They will receive Revain Expert status and additional rewards.

  • 1st place - 80 RVN
  • 2nd - 60 RVN
  • 3rd - 50 RVN
  • 4th - 30 RVN
  • 5th - 20 RVN

We will be updating the current top 5 on our Telegram group almost every day. So follow the news!

What is RVN token

RVN is Revain’s inner token and exists only inside Revain platform. Your reward will be sent in RVN tokens on your Revain account. After that you can exchange your RVNs on R tokens and then trade them on many popular exchanges. Please don't confuse RVN with Ravencoin (RVN) from Coinmarketcap.

1 RVN ~ 1 USDT

How to receive rewards

First, don't forget to join our Telegram channel, Telegram group and Twitter. Also, like and retweet this tweet.

Then you need to fill this form. After the end of the competition on October 4, we will need a few days to check everything. After that, we will announce the results and start sending RVN to the winners.

To see your RVN’s, please go to revain.org, log in, click on your name at the top right corner of the site ---> My Account ---> Balance.

How to withdraw your RVN from Revain

To exchange RVN for R you need to verify your account via Telegram Passport. Click on ‘Settings’ ---> ‘Log in with Telegram’, then follow Telegram instructions. After that, enter your wallet number on which you want to receive R tokens. Click ‘Save changes’.

Then click on ‘Balance’ ---> ‘Withdraw tokens’.

If you have any additional questions please ask them in Revain official Telegram group.

Good luck!

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Ahmad Chomaesi

2 years ago

Very nice promotion, more like this will engage new member

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