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July 8, 2018


Revain is launching giveaway with a 1 000 000 R tokens total award

You asked us and we heard you. We want to encourage our community to participate in the Revain listing process on Binance exchange. In order to complete the listing giveaway participant should passionately show Binance that they want Revain to be listed there. This giveaway is only for those who didn't participated in the previous one.

The award is 100 R for every participant.

What you need to do

1) Go to Revain platform and leave a review on Binance exchange.

The review should be at least 200 symbols long and contain clear and helpful arguments. The tone of review can be positive, negative or neutral, it is up to your experience with Binance. Review generally should be high quality.

2) Write to Binance social media that you an active Binance user and you just left a review on them on Revain. Send them a link to your review (except Telegram). In the message tell them that you wish to see Revain listed on Binance. Add hashtag #revainonbinance.

List of social media you should write to:

Telegram: 5 messages on Binance group: https://t.me/BinanceExchange

A time gap beetwen messages (at least 8 hours) is required. All messeges should be unique. Don't send the link in Telegram, you might be banned by Binance.

Facebook: under the latest Binance post: https://www.facebook.com/binanceexchange

Twitter: in replies: https://twitter.com/binance

Reddit: leave a comment in this thread. Ask why Revain isn't listed on Binance.

3) Go to support.binance.com, log in into your Binance account.

Click ‘Submit Request’ and chose ‘Business Communication’ ---> ‘Apply for coin listing’.

In a ‘Subject’ field write something like ‘Revain listing’. In a ‘Description’ write that you wrote a review on Binance on Revain (post the link on the review) and you wish Revain to be listed on Binance. Don't write the text from the screenshot, make up your own.


The giveaway will last 7 days from July 26 to August 1, 23:59 UTC time. After that, we reserve 24 hours to make rewards distribution.

After token distribution we may announce the third stage of the giveaway. Stay tuned for updates.


Please read it carefully as because of the non-compliance with this requirements you may not receive awards.

  • Social media accounts which you will use for this giveaway should be legit. Meaning, it should be your normal personal account. It should have your real name, your photos, information (like city you live in, university you graduated, etc.), history (account should not be empty and created recently). It should have a normal amount of friends (at least 30). We reserve the right to ban you from the giveaway if we think your account looks suspicious.
  • The style of language which you will use to write Binance should be polite and unobtrusive, without to much slang and emotions.
  • You should have at least 1 BNB on your wallet address to participate in the giveaway. We send awards only on an address which has BNB. Please make sure that you don't leave as a Binance wallet as you currently can't withdraw R tokens from it.
  • One person can participate only once. If we determine that a person is participating twice we may ban him from this giveaway.

How to receive awards

After you complete all steps of the giveaway please fill this form. You should provide the following information there.

  • Your wallet address on which you should have at least 1 BNB. We send awards only to an address which has BNB. Please make sure that you don't send us a Binance wallet as it will be possible to withdraw R tokens only when Revain will be listed on Binance.
  • Link to the review on Binance you wrote. To get the link, go to your review and click the ‘copy link’ button.
  • Links to your posts on social media. One link to your comment on Facebook, one link to your reply on Twitter, one link to your Reddit comment. In case of Telegram attach screenshots of your posts. It should be 5 screenshots for Telegram.
  • Attached screenshot that you filled the form on Binance website. It should be like that:

Conditions of this giveaway are not final. Revain reserves the rights to change the terms without any additional notifications.

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