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June 12, 2019


Revain launches its biggest competition yet with rewards up to ~$330 🔥

In order to celebrate Revain 2.0 release we are launching two separate competitions.

  • 1) ‘Author of the month’ competition. Write reviews on Revain platform and receive tokens. Rewards up to 300 RVN (~ $300).
  • 2) ‘Social media activity’ competition. Discuss Revain on Reddit. Rewards up to 300 R (~ $30).

Important: in order to participate in both competitions please follow Revain on Twitter, like and retweet this tweet and join Revain Telegram group.

RVN is Revain inner token, which exists only inside Revain platform. You can exchange your RVN’s on R tokens and then trade them on many popular exchanges. Don't confuse RVN with Ravencoin on Coinmarketcap.

1 RVN ~ 1 USDT

1) ‘Author of the month’ competition

Write reviews on Revain platform on any projects, exchanges, wallets and cards. 50 most active authors by points will receive following rewards:

  • 🥇1th place - 300 RVN
  • 🥈2nd - 200 RVN
  • 🥉3rd - 150 RVN
  • 4th - 100 RVN
  • 5th - 90 RVN
  • 6th - 80 RVN
  • 7th - 70 RVN
  • 8th - 60 RVN
  • 9th - 50 RVN
  • 10th - 40 RVN
  • 11-15th - 30 RVN
  • 16-20th - 20 RVN
  • 21-25th - 15 RVN
  • 26-30th - 10 RVN
  • 31-40th - 5 RVN
  • 41-50th - 3 RVN

‘Most active author’ is the one who after two weeks will get the most points. After the competition ends, we will calculate how many points each participant received and announce the winners.

  • 1 review = 1 point.
  • If the review is a high-quality one, there goes another point (the quality of the review determines by Revain team). High-quality review is the one with deep research, a lot of details and personal experience. It is also well-written and structured.

Remember: high-quality review doesn’t mean a positive one. A review can be positive, negative or neutral. All reviews should be fully original and contain at least 300 symbols. We don’t accept low-quality reviews. Rewriting someone else review (even with some differences) is prohibited, please write your own original ideas. To be elegible for rewards you need to write at least 5 reviews.

To take part in this competition please fill this form.

‘Author of the month’ competition will last from June 13 to 23:59, June 27 (UTC+0).

Exclusive additional rewards for Revain Experts: find out in closed Experts group.

2) ‘Social media activity’ competition

Try Revain platform 2.0 and then discuss it and other review platforms on this Reddit thread. Give it an upvote as well.

*Which ones do you like the most? Which platform is the most helpful? Which one do you actually use? Why Revain is different from others? How do you like Revain and other platforms design and functionality? What are some of your favorite reviews or authors on Revain platform? Discuss things like that in this competition. *

Your posts should be organic, well-written and make sense. Don’t push Revain too much, discuss other platforms too. Spam and flood is not allowed. Low-quality posts will not be counted.

IMPORTANT: To participate in this competition you need a Reddit account with at least 10 days age and 20 comment karma. Otherwise, your posts will not be seen.

20 % of most active participants with best posts will receive 300 R tokens. All participants who left at least 5 posts will receive 50 R.

‘Social media activity’ competition will last from June 13 to 23:59, June 20 (UTC+0).

How to receive rewards

‘Author of the month’ competition

To receive your reward you needed to fill this form. After the end of the competition on June 27, we will need a few days to check everything. After that, we will announce the results and start sending RVN to the winners.

To see your RVN’s, please go to revain.org, log in, click on your name at the top right corner of the site ---> My Account ---> Balance.

To exchange RVN for R you need to verify your account via Telegram Passport. Click on ‘Settings’ ---> ‘Log in with Telegram’, then follow Telegram instructions. After that, enter your wallet number on which you want to receive R tokens. Click ‘Save changes’.

Then click on ‘Balance’ ---> ‘Withdraw tokens’.

‘Social media activity’ competition

Please fill Google form after this competition end on June 21. Submit the links on all your posts on Reddit. R tokens distribution to your wallet will happen within a few days after the competition ends.

If you have any additional questions please ask them in Revain official Telegram group.

Good luck!

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Fx Taher

2 years ago

This is reallynice projec. I love this

Khaled Joe

2 years ago

Nice project, keep developing.

Llyea Huntsons

2 years ago

this must be the next best thing of Crypto currency world

Waiting for rvn

nice project

Josue Cortes

2 years ago

Nice project

Josue Cortes

2 years ago

Nice pri

Nakano Miku

2 years ago

Nice projects

this must be the next best thing of Crypto currency world

Dedy Pranika

2 years ago


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