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August 27, 2020


Revain Platform Update: Signing up via LinkedIn, Picture Zooming, Subcategories and Transparency page

We continue to improve our platform in order to make it’s usage more accessible and comfortable for you. This week we’ve added four new features which might seem not very important, but on deeper examination this is just one of the steps to more substantial updates that we will bring to our platform.

List of updates:

  1. LinkedIn implementation
  2. Picture zooming
  3. New subgroups
  4. Transparency Page

1. Sign up via LinkedIn

We would like to introduce you to the LinkedIn signing up option. From now on, whether you’re a famous crypto influencer with a high reputation or an average LinkedIn user you will be able to sign up or sign in through LinkedIn. Your First Name, Last Name and profile photo will be automatically picked from your LinkedIn page so you may start to write reviews just at one click of the button.

2. Picture Zooming

Second small update is dedicated to photo zooming in Company Guides. Now you’re able to increase the size of images in any guide written by our team. At a first glance this feature isn’t substantial at all, but, as far as you may notice, there are a lot of screenshots and pictures in our guides. We suppose that it would be an awkward move from our side not giving you the opportunity to see all the images in a natural resolution. Moreover, new company guides are coming soon, so you will appreciate this small feature in a long term perspective.

Full list of Company Guides:

  1. Bittrex
  2. Binance
  3. KuCoin

More guides are coming!

3. New subcategories

We’ve added the subcategories to Projects section. Now you’re able to sort between three sections — “All”,“DeFi” and “Stablecoins”. The quantity of companies seeking to be listed on our platform is growing which means that more subgroups will be added in the nearest future.

4. Transparency Page

We’ve compiled a transparency page for those of you who are seeking to learn everything about our token. Here you will find all necessary live updated information dedicated to REVtoken on ERC-20 and TRC-20 including total tokens count, total token circulating, total authorised tokens, Smart Contract security audit and much more.

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