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May 22, 2018


Revain status on Etherscan was just upgraded

More good news! Our devs have been working day and night on v0.7 (read about it here, and we are adamant we will be reaching version 1.0 soon. Meanwhile, we are getting upvoted by projects like Etherscan, who have upgraded our rating from 'Neutral' to a 'OK'. This is the highest level of reputation any token can get after being inspected by Etherscan team.

As verification tools go, Etherscan is likely one of the most prominent resourses out there. This domain is home to a collection of instruments aimed, but not limited to, verifying Etherium transaction on the blockchain network.

Etherscan is a useful resourse if you want to check an ICO's credibility, and in particular how much money the comapny has raised, along with few other features. If you go to etherscan.io you will be able to type Revain in the search box and take a look at the company statistics such as its contracts, transactions, the number of holders, country of origin and so on.

This is one of the means of doing background research we strongly recommend you pay particular attention to before you contemplate affiliation. Don't forget to check out the forum for discussions on potential scammers and recent trends. All in all, this is an invaluable resourse in the right hands.

Etherscan classifies companies according to certain criteria. Revain has cleared the following requirements, enabling us to get a green light from the team:

  • Provided sufficient and accurate information.
  • Clear project goals and communication.
  • Visible profile of the project founders/backers/advisers.
  • No significant 'red' flags.
  • The token is traded/listed on a major crypto exchange which has AML/KYC checks.

Revain is proud to be able to provide tangible proof of integrity and sustainability of our efforts. If you're looking for feedback, join our social media army on the main site or use the Telegram chat if you're after an instant reply. Keep in touch!

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