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September 20, 2021

Revain Stories

Here are some of the stories of Revain users who participated in the Revain Story Competition. See how they discovered the platform and why they decided to stay!


Gregori Cordova


I know that many of the users who have been working on the platform for some time, get to know it in very particular ways. In my case, I was unemployed at the beginning of last year, due to the difficult economic situation that my country, Venezuela is going through, which has caused many companies to collapse. For a while, I decided to look for opportunities in the digital world while I found something else to do and my experience was very unpleasant at first because I started visiting PTC pages that paid a very low amount to do different tasks, something that kept me frustrated for months. I still did not know anything about cryptocurrencies, and I was about to give up and dedicate myself to looking for work somewhere, but something happened that nobody was prepared to face, the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the first weeks locked up at home due to the quarantine measures adopted in my country, I continued to review options on the internet, since there was no other option, I had to do something that would let me earn money from my computer. I reviewed hundreds of pages until I got to register in Revain for a link that I saw in one of those ad platforms, but to date, I have no idea who that person was that brought me here. Whoever it is, I'm very, very grateful.

My first steps on the platform.

As I did not know how it worked, I decided to take a look at the reviews of more experienced people and to ask my questions to several Venezuelan compatriots who were there, which gave me more confidence to continue. From the first moment I loved the fact of starting to write again, even about things I had no idea about since for a few years the idea of ​​writing a book has been in my head. Along the way, I learned a lot and I started to become passionate about the blockchain ecosystem.

The first reviews that I published on the platform were about Ethereum and Bitcoin, and I would have liked to have the experience at that time, which I have today. Fortunately, they were acceptable. Compared to the other pages that I had used months before, I found the idea that with my own effort I could generate 1 USDT for each published review, and at that time which was at the end of June 2020, around 4 reviews could be written daily, which for me was enough to cover my expenses.

I was very excited, and when I was going through level 6 I made my first withdrawal. It seemed strange to me that everyone in the group said that they received their rewards in just a matter of days and hours, but more than a week passed and I did not receive my money. I kept writing and reached level 10 in just 15 days while waiting for my payment, but the team told me that there was a flaw in the platform and my payment could not be processed.

For a moment I thought the worst and believed that it was that my reviews did not meet the stipulations, but they insisted that they were very good and that the problem was internal. Anyway, I was waiting for my first payment for a long time and I was already discouraged, when one day I woke up and saw the payment notification in my wallet. I was really happy, and since then I had reached the top level I decided to make another withdrawal that reached my account in a matter of hours. After that frustrating experience, I started recommending my friends to join Revain, because from my own experience I could tell them that it was a reliable and secure platform.

Dealing with anxiety and becoming an expert

I kept writing every day after that, while taking various courses on blockchain and watching videos on youtube to hone my knowledge, but gradually I started to feel a little strange. I didn't know what was wrong with me because I had never felt like this before, but I understood in a short time that something was wrong with my mental health. The reality is that I had a lot of insomnia and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and in those moments it helped me a lot to keep busy writing reviews until I finally fell asleep. I know that there is a very great stigma on these types of situations, but today I can say that it is something more and more common and that it can happen to all of us, especially in this historical moment that we are living, where most of us have lost no only their jobs, but also loved ones, something that undoubtedly unbalances our feelings.

So I stayed very focused on writing reviews, and very good competitions were always arriving that gave better rewards. One of them was a competition that allowed us to win triple for reviewing Scam projects, with which I was able to obtain almost 200 RVNs, and with what I had gathered from the previous competitions I was able to buy a new cell phone. In addition, not only did I earn money writing and learning on the platform but weekly the 3 users who were most active on both Telegram and Redit were rewarded, which made me earn a little more than estimated, at the same time that I enjoyed talking with many of my colleagues in both groups. In just a few months I managed to apply for the title of Expert on the platform and I was accepted as such in a few days, which made me give more security and greater responsibility when writing my reviews

My eternal gratitude

Not only am I grateful to Revain, for helping me generate income while I was in such a difficult financial situation, but my greatest reward was that it helped me overcome a very strong anxiety that was attacking me and that I was not allowing myself to be myself.

Another of my personal satisfactions was that thanks to Revain, very dear people like my sister Orlymar córdova and my aunt Francis Fernández were also able to generate very good income since the pandemic also left them unemployed, and especially my sister was able to pay for many things she needed for her pregnancy.

In these months Revain has been one of my main sources of income, and Thanks to the knowledge I learned from doing so many reviews, I was able to start making small investments in some very promising projects that have left me good profits. Today I celebrate that the platform is turning 4 years active, allowing many users like me to continue learning and generating income. I hope that this new rewards system that has been recently implemented, will help everyone to not only receive better rewards but to attract more users to the platform .

Serdar Seyliev


I am Serdar Seyliyev, born in 1998, I live in Turkmenistan. I am married and have a son. Before I met the Revain platform, I had no knowledge of the crypto world at all. I watched the Revain promotional video published on the YouTube channel and thought that I could gain knowledge and additional income from this platform.

Of course, when I first logged into the platform, I did not believe that I could earn money from here. I just posted my first review and thought I had a chance to find success on this platform. Because there were very few platforms that could earn profits without investment like this platform. Now that I had a child, I needed to earn an additional income.

Anyway, I shared my first 12 reviews and only 4 of them were accepted, the others were blocked for violating the platform rules. For this reason, I left the platform for 15 days with disappointment at first, then I started to write reviews with a strong motivation. To be honest, I was sharing my first 60 reviews by copying and modifying from other authors. However, after that, I needed to improve myself and I thought I should write a review on my own and wrote a review about the project in the crypto category, which has no reviews, and even if it was difficult at first, eventually it started to get easier.

My next goal was to convince my family that I was making money from this platform and I had to make my first withdrawal. My withdrawal was confirmed and I got my 12 RVN reward. After that, all the members of my family were convinced that I was making money from here. My family, especially my mother, gave me motivation and I believed that I could improve myself here.

After that, I convinced my sister and brother-in-law to join the platform. After that, I added a total of 178 people to the platform in 1 month. Now I have reached a certain level and applied to become an expert. I was added to the telegram expert group and I realized that I was an expert now, I still did not believe that I was an expert and I was very happy.

After that, my wife Navruza Saitkulova was eager to work on the platform. Later, my wife also wanted to get the Expert status and she applied for it and her application was accepted a few days later, just like me.

Now my goal was to be at the top of the author rankings. For this, I had to either get karma or share 5 reviews on a daily basis. Of course, since it's not up to me to get karma, I started to share 5 reviews every day and I managed to get to the top of the list of authors. This was one of my greatest achievements. To be honest, I made a big profit from Revain. To be more precise, I bought a house with the money I earned from it. This was the biggest surprise for me and I still can't believe I made it.

For the future of the new system, some awards were disabled and almost all of the 200 users I introduced to the platform in my country left the platform and thought that they could not earn from it again. My wife and I trusted this platform and patiently waited for it to come back with еру туц system.

As a result, this system has now been released and it was a big surprise to us on the platform's 4th birthday. The team said that they would develop the new system in 4 months, but as a result of the hard work of professional developers, it was presented to users in less than 3 months. I now eagerly desire to work in this new system. I hope the new system will be useful to users and administrators as before.

Finally, I wish success to the developers and especially to Mr. Konstantin and Ms. Ksenia, who helped me and my wife with many issues. We will continue to work on the platform with peace of mind with your presence!

Hasan Abbasli

Hello everyone, friends. My name is Hasan and I live in Azerbaijan. On November 4, 2001, I opened my eyes to the world and 2 months from now II will be 20 years old. Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? I started my first school in 2008, I have had a great love for books since my childhood. That's why I've always been a favorite of my teachers since primary school. Until 2014, there was almost no development in my life that I know of as important, but in 2014 I was accepted to a local high school, and my life changed completely after that.

Schooling in Azerbaijan lasts for 11 years, so I see my time in this high school as a completely different life between the years 2014-2021. During these years I have gained both real and fake friends, and also during this time, I have been able to distinguish between real and fake. Since the high school I attended was in line with European standards, they always tried to raise us as European youth, and I think they succeeded, albeit partially. As I am a socially active student, I took part in almost all activities. Now when I look at my past, I realize that all these events will remain in my mind as a sweet memory for the rest of my life.

I finished school in 2019 and passed a university exam. I don't know much about the exams in other countries, but in my country, these exams are really quite difficult. But thanks to the high school and my teachers that I just mentioned, I was able to prepare for this exam very well and get a high score. The maximum score is 700 and I have scored 640. That was one of the happiest days for me and my family. Thanks to this score, I was accepted to a faculty that few people could reach, the Faculty of Law of Baku State University. That's when the second part of my life began.

The first days of college seemed pretty fun to me. Because new friendships and new environments have always excited me. I met quite a few people and became friends. Then, on December 1, 2019, the troublemaker named Corona appeared. In fact, this pandemic did not affect our country until March. But then the quarantine started.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. On March 3, 2020, schools and universities were given a 5-day holiday for the first time, and then these holidays lasted until today. During the closure, online classes were started by universities and we were no longer going to the university because the home education period had begun. But finally, thanks to the decision made by the government a few days ago, universities will open again in the coming weeks and I am very excited about it. I hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible because now I miss my old life so much.

My encounter with Revain

The closures due to the pandemic have also badly affected the lives of local people. Of course, I was one of the badly affected people. Before the closures, my business was doing quite well, so I bought a computer and a phone in installments. But after the closures, I was in a very difficult situation and I couldn't pay these installments, they couldn't help me much because my family's financial situation was not good at all. In October 2020, the closures were lifted for a while, so I went to the capital in hopes of finding a new job. But no matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find any job. That's why I started looking for a job online and a passive income. This is how I took my first step into the crypto world.

I searched for days, even weeks. During this time, I found and used many platforms, but unfortunately, almost all of these platforms were scams. Other platforms demanded investment. That's why I continued my research. One day, while I was researching at night, I came across a platform. At first, I thought this platform was a scam like the others, but I decided to use it anyway. This platform was a review platform using blockchain technology. I registered an account and wrote a review.

I remember it like yesterday, my first review was about Trust Wallet. Although not a perfect review, my review was accepted by the Moderators and won my first reward because I wrote about my own experiences.

Few can understand how much joy this brought, I finally found a suitable platform for myself. Yes, the name of this platform that gives so much joy is REVAIN. After winning my first award, of course, I wanted to earn more, so I wrote a review again. But since I'm new to this, the quality of my review was pretty low. So my review was blocked and my XPs decreased. I was a little sad but decided to write again. Even though I wrote a few more reviews, most of those reviews were blocked and I started to think that Revain is a scammer like the others. And that's why I stopped writing reviews.

I was surfing the internet in March of 2021. I accidentally logged into Revain's site and old memories and joys flashed before my eyes. That's why I decided to start over. But in order not to make my old mistakes again, I reviewed the reviews of other authors and most importantly, experts. By improving myself, I was able to write better quality reviews. Here I became a real user and author of Revain in March. Now I was writing reviews almost every day.

Although I applied for the status of Exper several times in June, my request was not approved. So I was trying to write better quality reviews, thinking it was related to my reviews not being good enough. But finally, if I remember correctly, I logged into my account on the night of June 21st and felt a difference. There was a congratulatory message.

Yes, I was an expert now too! Only experts know how flattering this is, so I couldn't sleep that night because of joy. Think about it, you manage to be one of the very few experts on a large international and rapidly developing platform. Don't you think it's a perfect feeling?

There was a drop in Revain's rewards when I was a new Expert because the Revain team wanted to share their profits with us. I think it's a pretty cool idea and I hope the team succeeds in this. Although the new reward system was announced a few days ago, I haven't been able to try it myself yet, but I will as soon as possible. If you've read my story this far, thank you very much indeed. And from here, I would like to thank the Revain team for the beautiful moments they gave us, and also good luck with the new updates. Here is my story.

Orlymar Córdova



Hello, my name is Orlymar Córdova. I am a University professor in Venezuela. I discovered Revain last year when I was going through a very special moment in my life. I had just found out that I was PREGNANT! I had been waiting for it for a long time. However, I was a little concerned since in those days my country, like the others, was being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the authorities decided to establish a strict quarantine. My job was compromised since many educational institutions closed their doors temporarily. So I had to do something that would generate income to be able to pay expenses that were coming with my pregnancy.

It is there when my brother Gregori Córdova invited me to join the Revain platform. He had been writing reviews for some time and very kindly helped me to get to know the platform, highlighting that it offered many advantages to obtain income and that it was very safe and reliable. Before that, I never worked on this type of project for fear of scammers.

Revain, a great school!

As I had enough free time, I immediately began to review the platform, to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in order to be able to start writing the first reviews ... It was a challenge because I knew very little about the subject back then.

After several drafts, I published my first reviews. I was very excited when I checked the system and the result was “Very good”! So I was sure I was doing the job right! I really liked the system they had to level up and I became a fan of the platform, it was like a game in which without realizing it you learn and learn at the same time.

I can say that Revain has become a great school for me. The lessons learned are many and new knowledge is added every day! Thanks, Revain.

My Revain family

I joined Telegram a few days after publishing my first reviews. I must say that, despite being a virtual community, where the vast majority are strangers, there is a climate of great familiarity and harmony in the group, such as if we knew each other personally! Every day I check the telegram group and even though I don't write much, I like to read the news and comments from my colleagues.

I take this opportunity to greet you and tell you all that I admire you a lot and I hope that through this platform or another medium, someday the space will be created and we can meet in person.

Revain, a great chance to win!

Returning to my story in Revain, I tell you that I spent my entire pregnancy entertaining myself and learning from home doing reviews. I gave birth on November 10, 2020 (just my birthday, as a wonderful gift from God) to my beautiful baby Danna Isabella.

As is to be expected, from that moment on my free time was greatly reduced. Since her birth, I have had to dedicate a lot of time to taking care of my daughter and my family so I cannot write reviews with the same frequency as I used to.

However, I am attentive to the competitions offered by the platform, and last June I decided to participate in the Ardor review contest, where a prize of 1 RVN was offered to the first 10 reviews and Ardor bonuses to the authors of the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th reviews.

The day the results of the competition would be announced in the telegram group I was very aware and I was very happy to know that I was among the winners of the announced awards, however, my colleague Robiul wrote a message congratulating me because my review had won 1000 ADRD, a special prize offered by the Jelurida company.

I was very surprised! I jumped for joy. I thank God, Revain, and the Jelúrida company for making me the winner! I must admit that I was also very flattered since I know the great potential and the excellent reviews that my colleagues write, and receiving congratulations from them, wow, it is very gratifying! Thanks to the income obtained all this time on the platform, through the writing of reviews and participation in contests and competitions of Revain I have been able to contribute with the expenses in the upbringing of my daughter and financially support my family.

Currently, almost all my family and closest friends know about the platform because whenever I can, I comment on my experience and invite them to join, since I can guarantee that they are very transparent and fulfill what they promise. My story in Revain is not over yet ...

Here I am, from the quiet of the night (while my girl rests) writing this story so that everyone can know it and value as much as I do this wonderful platform that, as I mentioned at the beginning, came into my life at the most opportune moment and I hope to be in it for a very long time !!! Thanks to my brother Gregori Córdova for inviting me to participate in it and a fraternal greeting to the entire Revainers community!

Adedamola Adenji


My Name is Adedamola Adeniji. I am a graduate of linguistics and communication studies from Osun State University, Nigeria. I currently work as a language instructor in Apostolic Faith Secondary, Ibadan Oyo State also in Nigeria. I am a trained journalist and I have always loved to read extensively and write.

Last year’s Christmas and New Year holidays provided me with the opportunity to discover Revain. On December 31 precisely I visited my childhood friend Adewale, known on the platform as Benaiah. We got talking about what one can do during the global pandemic and the lockdown that followed. As a teacher then schools were shut and I was collecting half of my salary at the time.

So my friend said that if I wouldn't mind he would like for me to join a writing platform. I was writing indirectly for an online platform through an agent then but had to give it up because I was pursuing postgraduate studies. Benaiah said this is different, that this particular platform runs on blockchain technology and that users talk about cryptocurrency-related issues.

The moment he mentioned cryptocurrency I became more interested. I always wanted to learn more about this evolving industry. Benaiah explained further that Revain requires honest and original feedback about a product or a category you write a review about. He said this isn't easy, but I should trust Revain to reward me for quality reviews.

Afterward, he showed me many of the things he has been able to acquire via the rewards earned on the platform, his new laptop was the most convincing part. Benaiah helped me set up my account that very day. I started writing two days later.


My friend instructed me to not jump into writing right away, but learn from the experts on the platform. So first I read the platform rules, then I began reading experts’ reviews. I read that of Luis Rivero, Robiul Islam, Douglas Cachazo Rodriguez, and, of course, a lot of reviews from my friend.

My first set of reviews was about Bitcoin and Ethereum I picked this two because I have a good grasp of them, and my brother had traded for some time. That's Adedayo Adeniji, also an expert I invited to the platform. Having written four reviews in two days I expected to get published but I didn't see any of my reviews on my personal page. So I called up my friend to ask him what I was doing wrong, he then explained to me that passing the AI doesn't guarantee that your review would be published, that it will be moderated by Revain team.

Then I began to take the platform more seriously. He also encouraged me to gun for very good ratings from the AI. Fortunately, all four of my reviews were published this gave me more confidence. Every time I get blocked or lose karma, I usually take it as a learning curve and continue writing. Getting blocked can be a painful experience when you look at the time expended on researching and writing but this strictness from the platform solidified my confidence in the genuineness of the Revain platform. Currently, I have written closed to 200 hundred articles when many competitions even the Just concluded TON competitions.


I attempted my first withdrawal when I reached level nine. It is no longer news that the platform has a leveling-up game system. My first withdrawal was in mid-January 2021, I was super broke at the time, you will relate with spending all your money in the festivities of Christmas and New Year. So I decided to give my withdrawal a trial. I withdrew 50rvn on the said day, few hours after I saw that my withdrawal has been declined, reason low-quality review, it was just one and I lost 20 experience. Now for anyone trying to level up to level 10 you will understand what losing 20 experience means.

I was pained that night not because I couldn't get my reward alone but it will take me a long time to get to the much-anticipated level 10. I waited another 7 days to initiate another withdrawal which was done in few hours. I called Benaiah immediately and I said so Revain truly pays? I thanked him for introducing the platform to me and I have been rewarded time and time again after that by Revain.


The unforgettable moment for me on the platform was the day I became an expert. I have always viewed experts as demigods on the platform. You know the benefits of being atop of all the categories too and the fact that out of thousands of writers on the platform they are not up to 50 then, maybe up to that now. I applied twice for expert first at level 9 and later when I got to level 10. I can't forget that Saturday morning I just discussed my difficulties with Ksenia and few minutes after my Expert request was granted, it was indeed a dream come true for me because I truly worked and desired to be part of the top authors. And since then I have introduced two other Experts to the platform.

Another major drive is the joy of winning competitions. For me it isn't the rewards that count but the fact that your work is deemed as the best by others is a major esteem booster for me.


This is coming from someone with firsthand experience in the platform. Revain is a platform for now and for the future. Blockchain technology keeps growing in relevance on daily basis, Revain is the first of its kind as a feedback platform. Also with the many upgrades and new features addition coming on we can see that Revain will be around and relevant for many years to come.

I have benefited a lot from this platform and my knowledge base has grown seriously because I have had to read and write about products and Companies that a few years back I didn't even know existed. Recently I added my experience in the platform as part of my curriculum vitae in applying for the top Journalism job in my country. If you are ready to give the hard work it takes Revain Platform will better you intellectually and fill your pocket too. Happy birthday once again to our dear Review Platform Revain. I wish for her greater years ahead.

Toprak Dere

I have been interested in crypto since Bitcoin came out in 2011. I was constantly researching cryptocurrencies. I was following the crypto world

I discovered Revain on a YouTube channel in 2020. Users shared information about cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wrote about their experiences.

I also wanted to share what I know and experienced, and I started to write articles on Revain. I don't contribute much to the Revaine platform as I am currently working as a research assistant at a university, but I have written over 300 articles before.

I learned a lot about the crypto world from Revain and made many new friends in the Telegram groups.

Perhaps most importantly, I have received cryptocurrencies by writing articles. Revain is a really informative, useful, and entertaining platform. I write from time to time, but I believe that I will interact more in the future

Mehdi Hazni

My name is Mehdi and I live in Iran. I have been interested in computers and tech since I was a child and I have a special interest in using creativity to get things done. From the age of 16 I built about 10 websites on my own and gained all my computer knowledge by working in that field from the beginning.

Due to the devaluation of my country's currency, I have not been willing to work for domestic companies for the past year or two. I have been trading cryptocurrencies for about 4 years but I did not want to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

But as I said, because I wanted to have a USD-based source of income, I started signing up for airdrops on new projects. Most airdrops would eventually send $ 1 to $ 2 after about a month, because of that I could not find them as a source of income at all.

I was looking for help to find airdrops from a website that displayed active airdrops.

That's when I met Revain.

In one airdrop I was told to write a review of Bittrex on Revain. I did not know how to write a good review. That's why I just wrote a really worthless text. Fortunately, Revain still rewarded me.

After that, I became interested in this platform and saw that if I work well, I can hope for a good income from this platform. I used to copy and paste texts at first, but the moderators quickly noticed it. Then I started writing original texts and started earning.

A member of Revain Team helped me to get into writing reviews and showed me how to get more rewards. I have been working on this platform for about 1 year now. The most important thing about Revain is that no matter what, it has always been a reliable platform where we can be sure that we will be rewarded.

Vincent Michael Joshua

My name is Vincent Michael Joshua, I am from Nigeria, I am a student of the federal university of technology. I studied Agricultural economics and was just a student who wanted more for himself. I never knew anything about cryptocurrencies. I invested my money on the wrong platforms. I had some bad experiences I was really frustrated.

I always work after school to make a living, to pay for my fees, and to support myself. I work as a bartender in a hotel during my holidays. The hotel liked me and always asked me to come back to work during the holidays. But I was not happy with the money I saved during my holidays, so I needed something else to do at school to keep up with my needs. I decided to make chips and sell in school, but seriously it was very hard to cope with that business. By March 2020 I had to pay rent and I had no money. It was really difficult for me to study and to earn at the same time.

Then my school was closed down during the Pandemic and I was happy because it was an opportunity for me to go out and make some money. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all left school to stay at home for a year.

During this period there was no work. So my roommate invited me to try this platform called Revain. I was not very interested at the time. I just registered and left the account without publishing any reviews. I got a job and I was working as a bartender. I was paid 20,000 naira that is 40$ every month until school resumes again, I couldn't save enough funds to support myself. By then my roommate was already making a lot on the platform.

He told me to write and make good money for myself. I did a lot of research before writing my reviews, and in no time I was level 10. Revain has also given me some bonus rewards. I won many competitions and I seriously enjoy earning on Revain. The platform didn't just enable me to earn rewards. It taught me a lot about crypto and how to manage my assets.

I was making three times more than my salary in a month, it was really a big opportunity for me. I bought a new smartphone and invested the funds I made on Revain because my plan is to get a comfortable life for myself after my graduation. It's really hard in Nigeria to get a good job that pays, so I decided to save enough for my future.

I also met many good persons on the platform who helped me a kit. I can't fail to thank my roommate, who brought this opportunity to me Mr. Steven Olagbadun. Revain has helped me to have some crypto assets, like the Tron, Cardano, SFund, and many more. I enjoy writing my reviews on Revain. I will say that Revain has been the best writing organization so far.

Mr. Emmanuel Tolulope has been a great help. He also put me through made me learn how to write and also cope with my studies. He goes through my reviews and makes sure everything is okay before I publish them. I believe he is an expert when it comes to writing reviews. He also writes news for a website called Scooper.

My experience with Revain has been wonderful. I can't fail to thank Ksenia for her help in the telegram group chat. She made sure everything was going well and helped with many problems. I also want to thank Robiul Islam, Ibrahim Ijai, Josh Bellz, Crypto Lord, and many others who were there to make the telegram competition interesting and sharing useful tips.

I want to thank the Revain Team for bringing this platform to this world, for making life easier, and for teaching people who about cryptocurrencies, investment, and also writing. This platform has changed the life of many people like me. Thanks for the updates, thanks for the reward. Thanks for making our lives interesting. God BLESS REVAIN!

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