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October 19, 2020


Revain Widget partner program 2.0 !

The first "Revain Widget Partner Program" provided us lots of new contacts, partners and a huge opportunity to spread the word about Revain Platform. We have received many questions and wishes to continue this fascinating event over the past few weeks. We've always been attentive to the opinion of our audience and therefore we decided to relaunch our affiliate program.

Today we are happy to introduce you the Revain Widget partner program 2.0 ! Invite crypto companies to install Revain Widget and receive substantial rewards from us as a result of your work.

If you get a company to install Revain Widget you will receive following rewards per each company:

• Companies from the top-5 of coinmarketcap.com or coingecko.com — 10 000 RVN.

• Crypto projects, Crypto wallets, Blockchain games, Bitcoin mining pools, Crypto exchanges, Crypto cards, Crypto casinos, Cryptocurrency Trainings & Courses — 15 RVN.

• If you managed to attract 20 companies during one month, then you will receive 100 RVN.



A successful integration of the Widget means it should be installed on the main page on a company’s primary website and be clearly visible to everyone. After the integration Revain team should be connected with a company’s team via a joint Telegram group.

A company should be listed on coinmarketcap.com or coingecko.com. It can be a token, project, exchange or a wallet. We also can consider a mining pools, blockchain games, crypto cards and casinos. The price for these can be negotiated privately.

It should be live operational project with user base and active social media accounts. We don’t accept inactive companies.

How to receive a reward

To receive your reward for a successful Widget integration or to ask any questions regarding the program please contact our Widget Manager @RevainKonst on Telegram. After integration review by our team your reward will be sent on your Revain account in RVN token equivalent.

Please note that the final decision about reward receiving will be taken by Revain Team on the basis of our own project's quality criterias.

About Revain Widget

Revain Widget is a simple and safe web application which every crypto company’s website can install and integrate more than 20,000 reviews available on Revain. After that, visitors of a website will be able to see reviews on a company, as well as write ones without leaving this website.

Revain Widget page: https://revain.org/public-api/widgets

Integration examples

Here are examples of some projects that already installed Revain Widget (scroll down to the bottom of the websites):

• Fusion: https://www.fusion.org/developers/overview
• Emirex exchange https://emirex.com
• DragonEx exchange https://dragonex.io/en-us
• Vitae Token https://www.vitaetoken.io
• Bitcoinox https://bitcoinox.com
• Piixpay https://www.piixpay.com
• PRIZM https://pzm.space/en/

How to install Revain Widget

Revain Widget is completely free and effortless to install. A company just need to customize their own Widget here and put a few lines of simple code into their website. It takes like 5 minutes.

Here is the video manual of how to install Revain Widget:

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Douglas Cachazo

7 months ago

This is very good, I will actively work on this project, which will be of great benefit to everyone, On the other hand, companies do not hesitate to have the Widget installed, since it is very important to know how they value you, from there they will have a thermometer to measure their strengths and weaknesses, and why not, make corrections

Gabriel Medina

7 months ago

Excellent information, without a doubt this will be of great benefits for all companies that have their cryptocurrencies active or even for new projects. I will be up to date and active to invite companies and take advantage of this great program.

ahmet yalçın

7 months ago

this information works for me. It's great to learn these. these currencies make our job easier. everyone needs information. we have to learn this. great article and glad to learn. I will read and save again

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