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April 7, 2020


REVtoken swap additional notice

As per announcement on 1st of Apr 2020 8:00 UTC Revain performed token swap where each wallet with R token was replenished with equal amount of new REVtoken.

However, due to problems with Etherscan and their ability to display correct balance for some wallets, it turned out that in the process of new REVtoken distribution in some cases an improper amount of REVtokens was transferred to those wallets.

To fix the problem, Revain issued few transactions to reconciliate the balances and adjust to correct amounts.

The process is over now and no discrepancies found anymore.

The entire list of the wallets with adjusted balance is below for reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b1QzpTy4DXz2yEli8G5mvs1i0W_6tkb7eMHXbF4uxEg/edit#gid=240004144

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