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June 20, 2022

Roobee competition. Prize fund 1000!

❗️ Dear Revainers,
surely many of you are well aware of our longtime partner - Roobee.

About Roobee

Roobee is a blockchain-based investment platform that consists of two parts: a centralized product ( and a decentralized solution (

Decentralized solution (
The decentralized part of the Roobee platform enables anyone anywhere in the world to access various DeFi-based financial products and services. With the help of, users can perform the entire set of actions needed for interaction with crypto — make cross-chain transfers, trade and swap assets, or earn interest on their assets. supports the Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum.

A centralized product (
One of the key advantages of the centralized part of the Roobee platform is that users can buy ETF products from the traditional market via crypto or a bank card. Roobee also allows users to invest in instruments that were previously available only to a limited circle of investors — for instance, pre-IPOs.

We are excited to announce the Roobee & Revain review contest with an incredible prize pool of 1000 USDT in Roobee tokens.

Intrigued? 😉


  1. Check out the features of Roobee.
  2. Write a review about Roobee ( on Revain platform.
  3. You should write a review here:
  4. Show your skills! We'll rate all reviews and choose the winners.
  5. Reviews are accepted until 23:59 (UTC+0) of July 5th.


  • 💰 3 best reviews will get 50 USDT
  • 💸 The first 170 reviews will receive a reward of 5 USDT
  • ❗️ To receive the reward, please fill in the form:

Haven't started writing a review yet? 😱

There are some tips on how to write a high-quality review. Check them here and here

Don't miss your chance to win!

*All prizes will be awarded to the winners in Roobee tokens.

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