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March 25, 2021


Roobee Review Competition

It's time for a big competition!

Meet Roobee: the new ambitious platform that brings many different types of investments together. Users of the convenient and fast service can trade anything from cryptocurrencies to stocks and ETFs. The process is streamlined, simple, and easy to get into - you can start small and work your way up at your own time.

Roobee opens up many opportunities for its users. They even have access to the pre-IPO market! And there are many more great features.

We welcome this innovative approach to finances and would like to let more people know about the service. And so we are launching this new competition!

The rules are simple:

Write a review of Roobee until April 9 (00:00 UTC+0), post a link to your review on social media, and get 3 RVN from Revain.

In addition, the first 50 reviewers will get $10 worth of Roobee tokens from Roobee Team. To get this part of the reward, you will need a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) wallet. Don't forget to send a message with your wallet address to contact@revain.org and to put in "Roobee competition" as the message's subject.

Good luck!

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Comments 4

Alex Fed

11 days ago

Hello my favorite guys! I did a review about roobee project (one of my favorite token) and sent you an email. Thanks again for this interesting competition. I like to be here again! Good luck and have fun <3

Barış D

18 days ago

Although the Roobee cryptocurrency project has been in our lives for about 4 years, it is a cryptocurrency project with a very high potential. I really like this project, which I think its developers have a very good vision.

Özgün A

18 days ago

The RooBee project is a project that constantly renews itself and develops. The cooperation agreements with world-renowned partners are proof of this. You can make multiple investments at the same time in the RooBee market with the multi-transaction option.

Revain coin is old coin and this coin have a good future. You can see that from wahite paper and roadmap. And revain coin also have so many event. Come join with revain coin, support project and team. Have a good day :)

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