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February 17, 2021


The Emirex Review Competition

Earlier we announced REV token's listing on the Emirex exchange. We are very happy about this step forward and want to celebrate the occasion.

And so we are launching the Emirex Review Competition!

The rules are as simple as it gets:

Write or update a review of Emirex until 00:00 (UTC+0) of February 25 and get 3 RVN!

Rewards guaranteed, have fun!

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Comments 5

Barış D

2 months ago

Emirex works very powerfully and efficiently. First of all, it is an exchange that cares a lot about the safety of its users. Absolutely good news. It was a very good partnership start

Bram Prasetyo

3 months ago

Ini adalah kabar yang sangat baik dan benar benar tidak menyangka bahwa akan mendapatkan hadiah 3 RVN dengan mudah Terima kasih i will always support you and never surrender in here

Adedamola Adeniji

3 months ago

This is definitely a good news for the Revain family. Emirex Exchange is definitely a platform that has stepped up user friendliness to the next level. Giving equal footing to Pro traders and Newcomers alike. Congrats to Revain.

Özgün A

3 months ago

A powerful stock market built with an infrastructure similar to Binance. It has a large number of trading pairs and the number of companies it cooperates with is quite high. It has very high security procedures. I highly recommend it.

Killer Bean

3 months ago

This is very good for traders, competitions like this might prove to the Blockchain industry that Revain has a lot in store for authors. Nice Partnership, congrats to Emirex and Revain

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