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December 25, 2020


The White Spaces Show competition

We have a very pleasant surprise for you! Revain and our friends at The White Spaces Show are launching a new competition. The generous host of the show - Pavel Jakovlev - has bought an iPhone 12 and is ready to send it to the lucky winner!

Here’s what you need to do to win the competition:

  1. Send a friend request to Pavel on LinkedIn.

  2. Subscribe to The White Spaces YouTube channel.

  3. Like and leave a comment under a video on The White Spaces Show YouTube channel. At least one like and one comment are required, but the more - the better.

  4. Like and follow the show’s page on LinkedIn.

  5. Write and publish a review of the show on Revain - here’s the show’s page.

The winner will be chosen on January 10. Note, that the review page for the show has only just been opened and there are currently no reviews on it. So few reviews mean low competition and high chances to win!

And here is a message from Pavel himself:

All the writers will also receive the standard rewards from Revain - RVN tokens and XP on the platform. So seize the opportunity and get to writing!

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Comments 3

José A Rodríguez

4 months ago

I'm so glad of seeing how authors left such amazing reviews for this company. Definitely, I also agree with the show, the channel, and its opportunities are great to know a new world of chances. The entire team is so committed to keeping providing innovative facts for the world, and while they keep producing such good videos on their channel their community will raise. Also thanks for this opportunity of being rewarded. I enjoyed a lot reviewing this company because it permitted me to know important things from influencers out there.

Ibrahim Sunday

4 months ago

This show is really amazing, spent about 50% of my data subscription in the white space's show YouTube channel. I didn't want to stop watching, but had to due to limited data. Really educative, as an upcoming developer, I see things a bit differently now.


4 months ago

Hello, dear administrator. First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate you for creating a new innovation in the crypto world. I think your service will really be useful to users. However, now your service is free and I guess you do not earn money for your labor. I recommend that you make the paid login system after your system becomes popular. Good luck.

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