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August 24, 2021

TON Swap Review Competition

The final Free TON Trip Competition starts now!

TON Swap enables users to quickly swap the TON tokens for other tokens and vice versa. It also supports yield farming and other useful features. What do you think about it?

There are three tasks that you should complete to get the prizes:

Task 1. Predict the TON Swap’s TVL (Total Value Locked) by December 31 of 2021. Post your prediction on Twitter. Tag @CommunityTon and @Revain_org. Also, put in #cryptocurrency, #blockchain, #btc , #ethereum, #forex and #TONSwapPrediction. You can write two or more tweets if you have a lot to say.

Keep in mind that your Twitter account has to be linked to your Revain account. If it’s not, or if the tags are missing - you will not get TON Crystals rewards.

The tweet needs to remain public at least until the competition is over.

Task 2. Write a review of TON Swap (here) until September 7 (00:00, UTC+0).

Task 3. Fill out this form.

Please note that you need to complete all three tasks to get the rewards.

And here are the prizes:

  1. The authors of the first 20 reviews and tweets will each get 1 RVN.

  2. The authors of the first 250 reviews and tweets will each get $2 worth of TON Crystals.

  3. The authors of the 10 best reviews will each get $50 worth of TON Crystals.

  4. The authors of all the reviews after the 250th one will split $100 worth of TON Crystals.

In order to receive TON Crystals, you will need to download the TON Crystal Wallet. You don’t have to do it right now, but we recommend preparing it early.

Good luck!

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