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March 22, 2021


Interview with Revain CEO

"Firm character, discipline and belief in success" - these are the foundations of Revain CEO Rinat Arslanov's work ethic, according to him.

The Street Analysts has puiblished a big interview with Rinat. It is a great magazine with interesting publications about finance, crypto and people who create innovations.

Rinat shared stories from his past, explained how he came up with the idea of a blockchain-based review platform and named his most important inspirations. He also talked in detail about the struggles of Revain, its tech and plans for the future of the project.

If you want to know more about Revain or if you are simply interested in ideas of modern entrepreneurs - be sure to check the interview out, it is a fascinating read!

Read it here

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Douglas Cachazo

18 days ago

Mr. Rinat Arslanov, reflects the essence of what REVAN is and represents, the opinion and experience of third parties on a particular product is of vital importance for decision making, The evaluated projects receive feedback from external auditors, that is very useful to see their strengths and weaknesses, The Revain platform is a win-win relationship.

Oğuzhan Koldaş

21 days ago

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