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October 29, 2018


Your ultimate RVN token guide. How to receive awards on Revain platform

Hello, world!

Since we released the final version 1.0 we got a lot of genuine questions from our community. But there is one particular which become absolutely the most popular and we would like to address it now.

How to earn tokens by writing reviews? What’s RVN token?

Here is all the things you need to know:

  • RVN is the Revain inner token. It’s used only inside Revain platform and is not traded on the open market.
  • RVN has nothing to do with Ravencoin (also has RVN symbol) which you may find on CoinMarketCap. Please don’t confuse them.
  • RVN is bound to US dollar. 1 RVN = 1 USD.
  • You can’t trade RVN, but you will have the ability to withdraw it from Revain platform. You will need to convert RVN into R and after that you will have the ability to withdraw it. Then you can trade your R tokens on a number of popular exchanges.
  • Withdrawal function is not released yet and currently in development phase.
  • In the future you can use RVN to buy services inside Revain platform.
  • The whole award system works as follows. Companies (projects and exchanges) listed on Revain can award users RVN tokens for writing high-quality reviews. They can choose how much they want to award for one review, ranging from 0,1 to 100 RVN.
  • To receive RVN your reviews must go through two-step validation system: AI check and manual check done by Revain team. AI check may happen before you publish your review. Based on what AI tells, you can edit your review to make it more high-quality. Manual check may take from an hour to up to a day. After that, RVN will be credited on your account on Revain.
  • Why I never received RVN no matter how great my reviews were, you may ask? Revain platform just got out of beta testing and we currently don’t have any partner companies which award for reviews. We are working to change that and we already have a few companies interested in doing awards. Stay tuned!
  • Why Revain itself doesn’t award RVN, your next question may be? Our main motivation is that we don’t want Revain to be a review platform for ourselves. It’s clear that if it’s only us who will be awarding RVN, most reviews will be written on Revain. We don’t want that. Once we will have a few partner companies awarding RVN, we will also start doing that.

So, here it is. If you have any other questions you know where to ask.

Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/CzZcC0PCgpJcbBCb3JfNeQ

Email: feedback@revain.org

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Tomasz Magdziak

2 years ago

Dzień dobry. Brzmi ciekawie, ale sprawdzimy jak to będzie działac w praktyce. Pozdrawiam

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