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vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

246 Reviews

The Kitfort KT-541 vertical cordless vacuum cleaner is convenient for local and general cleaning. It is compact, always at hand and ready to use, and when you detach the extension tube, it turns into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the battery operation, you do not need to plug in the plug, the wires do not interfere under your feet, and you can…

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vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

173 Reviews

The new Deerma vacuum cleaner can be used as a manual or conventional floor vacuum cleaner, and thanks to its weight of only 2.2 kg, even long cleaning does not tire or cause fatigue. The new cyclonic filtration technology used in the Deerma vacuum cleaner combines several swirls in which dust, hair and other large particles are separated from the air…

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vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

87 Reviews

With the help of a compact and convenient Jimmy vacuum cleaner, you can quickly and efficiently clean in different rooms. With a 400W motor that generates 115W (17kPa) of thrust and a variety of attachments, it can clean dust and debris from all floors, walls and other surfaces in your home. For ease of use, the Jimmy vacuum cleaner is equipped with a…

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dreametech l10 pro cleaner navigation logo

84 Reviews

Lidar Navigation and Obstacles Identification: Precision laser navigation. Real-time perception recognizes and high precision 3D technology will identify 100+ obstacles. effectively reduces accidental entangling intelligently decides what to do around obstacles. Mopping and Sweeping with 4000Pa Suction: Strong suction easily lifts dust, pet hair from…

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vacuum cleaner deerma dx115c, black logo

59 Reviews

Deerma Heihei Vacuum Cleaner (DX115C) - improved by 8 indicators, the vacuum cleaner will not leave a single corner where dust could hide. Using a Deerma vacuum cleaner with or without an extension rod allows you to quickly switch between cleaning floors or surfaces in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms.

vacuum cleaner arnica merlin pro, blue logo

43 Reviews

ARNICA Merlin Pro is a handy vacuum cleaner for everyday dry cleaning, when you need to quickly clean up, but it takes too long to get a conventional vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is very powerful for its compact size and light weight. With it, you can easily collect household debris, crumbled cereals or even small hardware without much harm to…

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vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone, white logo

42 Reviews

Weissgauff presents the V9 Turbo Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner! Equipped with a heavy-duty turbo brush with built-in lighting and a new generation inverter motor, it can tackle even the toughest dirt! The wall mount attached to this device will allow you to correctly place the vacuum cleaner in the room, without taking up space on the floor. The…

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vacuum cleaner samsung sc-18m3160vg, gray logo

36 Reviews

The powerful Samsung SC18M3160VG vacuum cleaner with Cyclone technology is designed specifically for delicate and high-quality indoor cleaning. A special turbine prevents the formation of tangled balls of hair and debris that impede the exit of air, so that the suction power remains high throughout the entire cleaning.

goodyear ultra grip ice suv 235/65 r18 110t winter logo

26 Reviews

Winter studded tire Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Arctic SUV is one of the latest developments of the North American giant, which went on sale recently. This model is designed for crossovers and SUVs operating in the harsh climatic countries of Scandinavia and the northern regions of Russia, as well as other areas where the air temperature drops to thirty…

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vacuum cleaner samsung vc18m31a0hu/ev, dark blue logo

24 Reviews

The Samsung VC18M31A0 vacuum cleaner is suitable for dry cleaning of residential and office premises. Lightweight device (only 4.8 kg) provides good suction power - 380 watts. The knob on the carrying handle allows you to change the mode depending on the type of surface. The kit includes various attachments. A 6 meter power cord with auto-rewind…

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dreametech cordless powerful reduction handheld logo

22 Reviews

20K PA POWERFUL SUCTION: With 26 patents for the high-speed motor alone, the SPACE 3.0 Motor can operate at 100,000 RPM. The cordless vacuum cleaner T10 can generate up to 120 AW suction power and 20K PA suction force. LONG RUNTIME& DETACHABLE BATTERY: 3 suction power levels can cover all your needs for cleaning. Utilize Turbo-Mode for deep cleaning on…

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vacuum cleaner xiaomi mjcmy01dy, white logo

19 Reviews

High-performance dust mite vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful 2300 rpm motor, UV lamp and triple filtration system. Removes up to 90% of mites and provides 99% surface sterilization. The built-in motor rotates the roller brush at up to 2300 rpm. Thanks to the power of the motor and the soft brush penetrating the fabric, even the smallest mites are…

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robot vacuum cleaner dreame f9 ru, white logo

19 Reviews

The Dreame F9 robot vacuum cleaner has a classic round shape, inherent in all vacuum cleaners of this type, but the body height is its undeniable advantage - only 8 cm. This makes it easy to penetrate under sofas, beds and other furniture. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with gyroscopes and TOF lidar sensors, which allow you to navigate in space, build a…

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bosch handheld vacuum cleaner gas18v 02n logo

18 Reviews

CORDLESS POWER: The Bosch GAS18V-02N Vacuum Cleaner features an innovative cordless design and provides easier, long-running cleanup with two-stage rotational airflow technology and the durable Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion power platform. EFFICIENT: With two-stage rotational airflow technology, the GAS18V-02N delivers long-lasting powerful suction, keeping the…

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karcher kb5 cordless sweeper yellow logo

17 Reviews

Auto-start system powers on when handle is pulled. Rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides cordless freedom. Easy-to-clean brush roll, and easy empty dirt cup. Compact design easy to store. Includes cordless sweeper, charging cable.

vacuum cleaner bosch bgs05gr2, gray logo

15 Reviews

Bosch BGS05GR2 is a powerful, mobile and easy-to-use dry vacuum cleaner. The cyclone system creates a centrifugal force, due to which the dust is separated from the air and ends up in the container. When the reservoir is full, simply remove it and empty the contents into a trash can, then reinstall. The weight of this model is only 4.4 kg. It is…

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midea m7 pro navigation multi level logo

15 Reviews

Advanced Vibration Deep Mopping System: With further upgrades technology right-and-left vibrating mopping(500 times/s), robot vacuum cleaner and mop better suction stubborn stains, mop kitchen Stains, such as pet hair, oil stains, jam and coffee stains. Bring your daily life more convenience and efficiency. 4000pa Strong Powerful Suction: Midea M7 PRO…

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watch casio edifice edifice efr-526l-1avuef logo

14 Reviews

Wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-526L-1AVUEF. Stopwatch function. Date display. Neon display. Mineral glass. Lid with screw lock. Durable stainless steel housing. Genuine leather strap. 2 years - 1 battery. Water resistance 10 bar

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj03xw (without block), white logo

14 Reviews

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser MJXSJ03XWContactless liquid soap dispenser not only saves time and water, but also ensures maximum hygiene. The design of the dispenser continues the tradition of minimalistic MiHome devices, which allows it to easily fit into any kitchen or bathroom interior. Protecting the health of all family members begins…

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vacuum cleaner bosch bcs611p4a, blue logo

13 Reviews

The most compact upright vacuum cleaner in the Unlimited Bosch range. The replaceable battery is part of the Power for ALL system and is compatible with Bosch home and garden tools. Long runtime thanks to replaceable battery pack. Compact and sleek design. Lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its low weight. Efficient cleaning with the PowerBrush…

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