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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by onur bln

101 blockchain

With this training, which explains the foundations, usage areas, platforms and sample applications of Blockchain technology, which is considered as one of the biggest technological revolutions after the Internet, the participants are aimed to obtain all the basic information they need about this innovative technology.

Blockcha 101 Training Program Method Subject to interactive transmission Turkey, along with presentations and discussions in the classroom from experts and examples of global Blockcha practice basic concepts of Blockcha technology, Blockcha technology platforms and application types, Blockcha technology areas, Blockcha platforms, Blockcha applications, Crypto Currencies The future of blockchain technology Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Concept and details.

Blockchain 101 Education Program Outcomes: Understanding the structure of Blockchain technology, Understanding the uses and opportunities of Blockchain technology, Recognizing Blockchain platforms and their purposes and advantages, Gaining the necessary entry-level knowledge for Blockchain initiatives, Understanding Blockchain applications and locations, Understanding the nature and way of working of Cryptocurrencies To understand the ICO concept, methodology, implementation and current situation.

Pros & cons

  • they work with qualified people
  • There are not many courses
  • always the same lessons
  • very expensive