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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by Cesar Medina

101 Blockchain Course

101 Blockchain Course is a platform that will really help us to train much more than those of us who already have a basic previous experience about cryptocurrencies. The courses they offer us will open more horizons of knowledge to grow strategically. We will be able to know widely what blockchain technology is and all the benefits it offers us.

The platform has endless students worldwide and has very popular courses that are well developed by experts in blockchain technology. Many of these courses are paid, however there are some courses that are free for a limited time. All these courses are organized with lessons, videos, audios and documents for our learning development.

Pros & cons

  • We can train and learn from the most basic to the professional about blockchain technology. All courses are developed by experts. Many students using the platform. We will have the opportunity to do free courses and learning is totally feasible for us.
  • There is no downside to using this platform.