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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by Ibrahim Sunday

Bitcoin homework review

So bitcoin home work is a very standard learning platform with more than that it was able to get listed and featured in cousera.

If you run the courses on cousera, you would get a certificate on completion.

It is a fun platform to learn, you get extra tokens for purchase of course materials

It also includes quizzes and questionnaire to ensure that you really understood what you learnt from the videos and readings. Instructors are also available to answer your questions and put you through in what ever you are stuck

It is a excellent learning platform with nice user interface for its websites that aids learning and always motivate you to stay 

Pros & cons

  • The use if videos makes it more fun and exciting,
  • It gives you a chance to be an instructor after becoming a pro.
  • It also on cousera, a wonderful platform that enables you learn easier and earn certifications.
  • It is dosent have a mobile app and the website seems to be down few days now.
Yılmaz Yıldırım
February 01, 2021
Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education is one of the most beautiful educational series I definitely recommend you to use. Don't forget to add new information when you update your review, and as I told you, I would be very happy if you corrected your missing information. Thank you for sharing your information. Also, the features you mentioned are really very accurate, and thank you for that.