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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by RODRIGO REIS

If you wanna to learn, come here!

Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education is a cryptocurrency learning platform. There is a great number of courses available for all people. if you are looking to further your education or are completely new to Cryptocurrency this is the place!.
I'd recommend this platform to anyone that wants to know about cryptoworld

Pros & cons

  • Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education is a nice learning platform. It have a highly knowledgeable team with years of experience about Blockchain technology
  • you can learn everything about Blockchain technology. The lessons are very well done and easy understanding
  • There are quizzes to each course( last topic) to ensure you remember the fundamentals of each course you take.
  • You can visit their community and ask for help.
  • There is a large number of courses available for everyone
  • The courses are free and have a nice structure for learning
  • The platform is not avaiable for mobiles.
Murat Mircalı
October 18, 2020
Times have changed now, people started using virtual money instead of paper money. Perhaps in the future, we will buy the bread with bitcoin or similar cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it became necessary to learn everything about crypto coins, their usage, the sites used. I think this site is fine for learning them. I will follow, thank you.