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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by José A Rodríguez

A Bitcoin Course Covering Useful Knowledge about Cryptocurrencies Overall

Bitcoin is the most successful coin in the digital market of today withthe highest global audience represented by clients, traders, and investors. So,many decentralized companies have decided to promote a way of knowing thisblockchain. It is Bitcoin Homework, the one who provides a wide scope toguarantee individuals' learning about blockchain technology, smart contracts,cryptocurrencies of today, and more.

I started following the services of this course and it was then when I found astandard platform divided by sections for beginners and advanced learners aswell as developers. I liked it because the course counts with a greatstructured curriculum based on a wide syllabus. Moreover, there is also anonline community for receiving help and feedback.

 A course of this scale is important because it's partnered with digitallearning. So, crypto learners can enter the platform and learn of it. Theplatform is free to use because it follows asynchronous learning. In shortterms, it is an advanced course structured by the following features:

Easy introductions aimed by consistent videos. It is easy to follow the news ofthe course with the subscription channel and the multimedia section tocontribute its learning.

Practice sections. After finishing a lesson or a set of lessons, learners canpractice what was studied by completing certain quizzes.

Complete curriculum and syllabus. The course itself seems to be a kind ofdigital university running with a guaranteed knowledge legally structured.

I consider these are the major points to consider and probably take a look atthe course. Perhaps, it is longer than others, but with a substantial and morecompleted learning as well.

Pros & cons

  • High Learning framework. The platform provides a well-developed content to master anew way of learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, and soon.
  • Organized sections for beginners and advanced learners. There's also a sectionset for developers.
  • Good and modern platform. It is charged with the latest content about the currentglobal cryptocurrency market.
  • Easy to follow to be always in contact with learning.
  • There's no available app for mobiles. Registering occurs just and only on theweb.
  • More courses about importantcompanies need to be added.