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Review on Blockgeeks Courses by sa c


Hello everyone, Revain users, today I will share my review about Blockgeeks Courses, a crypto education and course from the section of Crypto education and courses. I have used the Blockgeeks Courses platform for a long time and I think I have a lot of knowledge and experience. And I would like to say that this experience and knowledge of mine drove me to write this review.

While using this course, it is also possible to be awarded at the same time. It is a course that sometimes gives awards according to your level of development. I think it is a course that contains all the information about Blockchain in general.

To register, it is enough to enter your e-mail address and open your account with the confirmation e-mail that comes to you. After that, you have entered the platform. After that, you can complete the tasks given to you and both learn about Blockchain and earn rewards.

The course also has a free trial version, but it doesn't contain much content. When you become a professional member, there is more content.

You do not need to pay a lot of money to become a professional member, I can say that it is more profitable than other courses.

Even though I did not reach the level I wanted at the end of the course, I can still say that I learned something.

Pros & cons

  • Ease of operation
  • High security level
  • popular
  • Website design bad