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Review on Blockgeeks Courses by Olukayode Oyelami


Blockgeeks courses, is a great platform to learn and earn. I was register for quite some month now.

The courses cover all aspect of Cryptocurrency from investors to Enterprise and developers. The platform is well designed, I had good experience on the platform.

Registration is simple and free. I was not submit any documents to get verified. The first certificate I collected was dated July 8 2020. It was well signed.

The platform has premium that you can paid for, it has been package as monthly, yearly and live time. The money is vary respectfully.

I love the fact that the courses can be selected the newbies and expert.

In my opinion, it is among the best platform to learn. I highly recommend it for anyone who really wants to lean about Cryptocurrency world. The team should add more languages to the platform.

The native token that was earned while leaning can be Exchange for top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It worth mentioning that, the free account can not be used to trade the block you earn. you must have promo account to trade it, it also has minimum amount to trade, also you must be active for 30 days. These are some of the requirements to turn your block to Cryptocurrency.

The platform also supports buying digital currency with card. I love the fact that it has many notable partners around the world.

Pros & cons

  • This platform makes education about Cryptocurrency world look attractive
  • It has free courses
  • Registration is simple and free
  • Great tools for leaning process
  • Virtual attraction, videos on each courses with well illustrations that brings picture to mind.
  • Free account can not turn assets to token
  • You can withdrawal only once in a month