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Review on Coinbase Training by Cesar Medina

Didactic cryptocurrency learning lessons where we can be rewarded

This is a really beneficial course with a good structure where by learning about cryptocurrencies we will even be making money. The training platform is completely free and any user can easily learn the lessons imposed in the section. These sections come with interactive and educational videos that will be of great help for the development of users in their learning where it is explained in detail step by step what such cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Really, this is essential and really necessary so that people can adapt little by little to the world of cryptocurrencies.

In general, this training section does a great job on the platform for users and more because we can even earn cryptocurrencies for it. The educational videos are short but go directly to the viewer, in this case the users in their learning. We will learn about each digital currency placed in their courses, we must answer questionnaires that are totally free and some of us can be rewarded. Without further ado, Coinbase Training is vitally important because it will help us learn and train both beginner and expert users.

Pros & cons

  • Educational videos with good reproduction and go direct for user training.
  • Everything is explained didactically in detail by detail and is hinted at in every given cryptocurrency explanation.
  • Free courses so that all users can learn without problems, and some of us may be rewarded for it.
  • Limited number of courses and long waiting list for questionnaires.