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Review on Coinbase Training by Ibrahim Sunday

Coinbase training, review 2020

Well, learning has been a very difficult to most humans now a days. But coin base has come up with a way to make it beneficial in a double way. While taking courses in coin base, you will be gaining knowledge about block chains and technology of used in crypto currency and at same time earn coins which are usually credited directly to your
The training platform includes short direct videos, quizzes and questionnaires, this it's proven to be a standard and organize learning platform.
Some of crypto currencies that are being taught about include: compound, maker, compound, Stella lumens, the algorand block chain, the celo, to mention but
Coinbase is not just a wallet and its development didn't started today it took time for it to attend this standard 

Pros & cons

  • There is always a quiz and questionnaires after every video to ensure that you really learnt
  • Fund you earned while taking courses are being sent directly to your wallet.
  • I see nothing wrong with it, except that the offer is for a limited time.