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Review on Coinbase Training by Şükrü EFE Kaya

Coinbase Training is an excellent project

I think this study by Coinbase is a very useful course. Thanks to this cryptocurrency base, I learn a lot of information about cryptocurrencies and it has visual support for the hearing impaired. I think this is a very good thing. The interface is easy and understandable, I think if you have just started the crypto business, use this course, but in some countries it makes you money, but thanks to this training, earning crypto money is great, you get information and you earn crypto money, but if there is another problem, it is a small number. education, I think this needs to be increased but one of the best courses, thank you to coinbase.

Pros & cons

  • You learn knowledge and earn money, I think this is awesome
  • You know how to earn crypto money
  • The interface is very easy and straightforward
  • Nice to have visual support
  • There is a small number of training, this needs to be increased
  • Crypto money is earned in a restricted country, I think it should be in every country.