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Cardo: A Platform For Comprehensive Learning About Blockchain That Is Simple to Assimilate

Corda is a platform for learning enthusiast, enterprise developer, and Startup founder, to begin to explore about blockchain, what it sets out to achieve and solve, and what technology drives it to achieve its set goals

It starts Its training from fundamental which is well over 70mins, this particularly helps you to take your baby step, into the world of blockchain tech. I particularly love this because it is simple and all class of learner can relate with it

Developers will definitely find Cardo very useful because it comes with a custom made e-library equipped to develop tokens based app and account aware applications representing multiple identity into one node.

It also offer advanced features which covers attachments using, oracles automation, time windows among others.

Coda will help you skill up the following aspects

1 designing distributed legder.

2 knowledge of SDK that is deep.

3 Code Production

I strongly recommend this learning domain to you to skill up.

Pros & cons

  • Offers hands on practise with wide and simple examples to observe.
  • Simple learning package for all shades of learner.
  • The fundamental module is simple and comprehensive.
  • Cheap learning fee.
  • None for now.