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Review on Corda by Emmanuel Sunday

A stream of knowledge for corda, An open source blockchain

experienceI was excited when I got to hear of cords course as it was of interest to as an upcoming developer. Cords is open source project that means they welcome good suggestion, anytime. The technology allows you build an interoperable block chain which is major technology in our world where transaction security and privacy is becoming a priority.

Through the course I have been exited and rewarded with a certificate. The course has a cool flow frame work to manage and a lot of reading materials. With a lot of work and practice, you should be able to design a distribution ledger solution after a deep understanding of the project. And also skillfully execute and also be able to produce codes that showcases your knowledge of best practices you

The course is a very acomodating and adaptable, both Enterprise developers , freelancers, consultants enthusiasts and so on can find it a lot use ful. I recommend it to my fellow developers, as a lot would be gained after completing the course.

Pros & cons

  • Certificates are being awarded after completing a course. This gives more motivations and a sense of fulfilment.
  • You can ask questions whenever things get complicated and you will get feedback and answers as soon as possible.
  • A lot of theoretical material like e books are available for the course through out.
  • The course is so acomodating that allows both any class of people to join, from zero to hero.
  • The course is exiting for me, much negative sides of it.