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Review on Crypto Traders Pro Course by jesus ruiz

Crypto Traders Course, an invaluable resource when investing and trading cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Traders aims to teach you proven trading strategies that result in consistent profitability in the cryptocurrency markets.

It is made up of a strong community where you can learn a lot and share your knowledge. I recommend it to both experts who can share their knowledge and newbies who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to trade without losing money.

The Crypto Traders Course is designed to train all its students in a didactic way and turn them into experienced cryptocurrency traders.

It is divided into 11 modules, with more than 20 hours of content with live trading, risk management and market psychology. Detailed guidance for research and chart analysis using proven strategies is also taught.

The modules contain topics such as: which are the best Blockchain currencies to trade, which are the best Wallets, their use and their main advantages and disadvantages. Also the user learns about reading charts, the meaning of their shapes and colors, learning to detect patterns in the cryptocurrency market.

In the course of the course, live trader sessions are conducted by experts that can be followed by the students and replicated by them to obtain their first profits using what they have learned.

It has two packages, one for 6 months with analysis, charting, chat rooms and weekly live webinars. The other package is for one year which also gives you lifetime access to cryptocurrency trading courses.

Pros & cons

  • Very complete and didactic
  • Designed for beginners to experts
  • Constant advice via Chats with forums and live practices.
  • Its costs are high, but the platform claims a quick return on investment.