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Lobstr is very popular among cryptocurrency lovers, because it has around 200,000 active users for 6 years since it was founded in 2014 and is officially registered in Belarus. Losbtr is a wallet built on the Stellar Lumens Platform, this wallet is very easy for us to use for one day transactions and certainly this wallet is very cheap transaction fees. When we talk about security, this wallet has a high level of security for our crypto assets because it supports 2FA security and Multisig Protection. This wallet also supports payment by Master Card and VISA. So if we want to buy crypto currency, of course we can get convenience with this feature. A good Wallet is a Wallet that has a large number of users, cheap and fast transaction costs, Has a lot of payment support, has a customer center at the Help Center and is certainly a high level of security. So we can draw a conclusion here that Lobstr is a wallet that we can use for our daily transactions, especially in transactions using the Stellar Platform.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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If we are new to the world of cryptocurrency, we would be confused we could buy coins or tokens, because we have real money, whereas cryptocurrency is using virtual currencies. Of course we don't need to worry about that. Uphold is a CryptoCurrency Wallet that supports Fiat Money through payments using a Debit Card or Credit Card. This wallet supports more than 35 countries with bank connectivity. That means if we want to buy cryptocurrency coins we only need to connect our credit or debit card to the Uphold account. And what really interests me is that this wallet does not ask for fees at all in transactions such as 0% commission for trading, 0% commission for deposits using a debit or credit card and 0% fees for Crypto, and this wallet is very fast for conducting transactions, Wow Amazing . But to get an account at Uphold is not an easy thing, because we have to go through the process of Getting to Know Your Customers (KYC), it's all done by Uphold so that our account is safe when transacting and storing assets. So the conclusion I can draw is that this wallet is extraordinary, because this wallet does not require a fee and is also very fast in transactions.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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If we are looking for a good quality wallet, fast in conducting transactions, cheap shipping fees and a good level of security as well as trust, then it all adheres to Imtoken, Imtoken is a decentralized wallet and is a wallet with a platform built on the ERC20 ethereum network which supports more than 30,000 Ethereum tokens, but now this wallet can also be used for the BTC, Cosmos and EOS networks. In this wallet there is also a direct exchange that we can use if we want to buy or sell tokens that we want because this wallet supports 3 large markets such as Binance, Bittrex and Tokenlon. It's interesting not in 1 App there are 4 different platforms and there is an exchange in the wallet itself. This wallet has a good level of trust, has proven its experience for approximately 4 years (2016) serving its users in conducting transactions and for storing assets. With that long experience Imtoken has a myriad of experiences that we don't need to doubt anymore.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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