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Overall, I think DASH has demonstrated it's role as a thought leader, and I think its model for a positive-feedback loop guiding innovation and self-improvement means we should expect to see even more big and interesting things coming from the project. There have been so many succesful proposals to the platform that there's a better chance of more ideas coming than there is of the ideas just stopping suddenly. Because of its ability to innovate, there is no ceiling for what DASH can evolve into, even if it's not the #1 candidate for a currency at the current moment.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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By every indication I can find, this seems like a strategy of naming an idea that people care about (especially in light of the net neutrality issues), putting up a website that looks legit, and providing a bunch of technical jargon that would make less technical folks feel like they're talking about something technical and legit, and would confuse the technically savvy into being unsure what they even read or whether something was screwed up during translation...I really dislike this project and wish I could get back the time I spent researching it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Though on the surface, it's natural to want to jump ahead to find a way to connect all these blockchain projects, I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves when we haven't even seen exactly how blockchains are going to impact our lives. It's clear blockchain will change everything, but it's not clear exactly how, and until then I worry about investing too much in a project whose main purpose is to join together blockchains that we're not sure have clear purpose in their current form...and ICON delegates the most difficult problem to solve to Kyber Network! Where before I was bullish on this project, now I'm hesitant to invest in any project that's only focus is to link blockchains that haven't even been well adopted yet, and may not ever be adopted in their current form.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I really dislike that Ripple is compared side-by-side with things like Bitcoin, DASH, and Monero, it is so drastically different than the others that I think it's lame to call it a cryptocurrency like those other projects. I've certainly gained plenty of profit by holding Ripple during it's crazy runs, but once I learned how it works at its core, I'll forever pass on holding any Ripple and hope it never gains enough power to hurt true decentralized efforts.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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This is my #1 pick for a hidden gem in all of cryptos. I think Secure Multiparty Computation has been waiting since the 90's for the right use case and this group at MIT has been thinking about this for many years. Having spent a lot of time working in the authentication space, I think not having to store user's private data while building an application is a monumental achievement and can systematically change the way companies build applications. I LOVE that they've already launched the Catalyst platform too, to prove that they don't just have their heads in the clouds and they can actually deliver something. I'm a huge fan of this projectSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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