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About Enigma

The Enigma protocol is a second-layer, off-chain network that aims to solve the two biggest problems for blockchains: scalability and privacy. By enabling secure, decentralized data computation and exchange, Enigma allows blockchains to truly fulfill their powerful promise.

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Project actively serving after long periods: Enigma

Good day everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the Enigma project, which is a project from the projects section. Have Fun. In fact, Enigma was a project that was…See more

Enigma: a blockchain that bets on the privacy of the digital market

Enigma is a cryptocurrency project designed with the purpose of safeguarding the privacy of the data of the users involved in the transactions of decentralized applications. The secret network as…See more

Enigma: A Trustworthy Leader Focused on Internet and Privacy Protection

Enigma is a blockchain project aimed at the internet that despite some years of being announced, it was now, in 2020, when the company finally released it completely. Now, users can access to it and…See more

Enigma Project and ENG Price Analysis

Smart contract projects did not have complete privacy when it came to projects such as ethereum, which is the most popular. This means that the amount of transaction transfers and address balances…See more

Internet management platform and hidden contracts.

This project aims to solve problems related to the privacy of users on the internet, making it truly decentralized, offering freedoms to millions of users around the world who have limitations in…See more

Data marketplace on the web with a fully decentralized form.

Notwithstanding its hopeful advantage for the data marketplace, it remains undervalued in the market, although it is widely recognized as a currency with many offers.See more

Enigma is a decentralized data market

Enigma is an off-chain network intended to complement blockchain networks by providing storage and calculation of second layer data. The protocol will offer privacy and scaling solutions to any…See more


I find this cryptocurrency very peculiar since I noticed it neutral Port the reason that it does not have a very high percentage of cost but a somewhat exaggerated volume in terms of production Its…See more

Enigma is a decentralized secure computation protocol.

This is a project i'm watching closely. Everything is looking awesome. This is not a short term flip. A solid team of blockchain enthusiasts and a heavy focus on privacy within its industry make…See more

Based on an MIT thesis, the Enigma protocol is a second-layer network that can…

Based on an MIT thesis, the Enigma protocol is a second-layer network that can work with any blockchain. Nodes in the Enigma network do not see the data they compute over, yet they can publicly…See more