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Review on Enigma by José A Rodríguez

Enigma: A Trustworthy Leader Focused on Internet and Privacy Protection

Enigma is a blockchain project aimed at the internet that despite some years of being announced, it was now, in 2020, when the company finally released it completely. Now, users can access to it and explore the vast content they offer. It has been changing during the months. It now offers a more reliable view, and many features compound the site as an appropriate source to trust in and use for the protection of the internet and the data put on it. Certainly, there are many services focused in the same task, but anyway, this company is doing a great job to offer it from a different way because it focuses more in solutions than just written options.

This project is centred in privacy management and correction more than standard security. In fact, that is the purpose of the company, and it is great at all because I consider when having a decentralized network, the best of privacy frameworks are required. This is something that must be promoted not only for the platform but for the external services where the product where it is registered. This blockchain is also worried about the current status of the web and how it can work to correct it. This includes the way private data is being managed. To go in advance with this task the network requires the help of professional developers, who will probably join it because, in the end, it is a good investment.

Enigma offers good features that differentiate the service of common internet providers. Of course, this has become one of the most reliable sections in the entire blockchain since it is very common that internet and web issues happen when registering a great amount of data on it without having the correct privacy features to protect them. I have highlighted three special points of this company in the way of features, and I now mention them for the interest of everybody:

E - Simplicity in the core to the reach of all users working with decentralized and private networks.

E - It does not follow common steps in scalability. The company proposes its own way of becoming scalable.

E - Value of transactions is recognized, including the special actions for content creation about data management.

So, with that in mind is easy to notice that the company beyond offering solutions and good features, it also brings the possibility to their users of being the directors of the process and join to the tasks required to earn enough. Thanks to the special liquidity it has, Enigma is today a blockchain with a wider audience and it is daily working to be available for everyone around. However, the contrasting points of this network remain to be the same based in low development for other sections it offers as well as the releasing of important nodes in the protocol that is already available. These technical issues should be improved to keep actively working and improve its rating.

Enigma is there in the digital ecosystem to the reach of the developer, tech-builders, common internet users, and private data managers. It is acquiring everyday more a considerable audience and building its own path through successful scalability.

Pros & cons

  • The networks work with total autonomy since it builds its road to scalability and market rating.
  • It provides unique and trustworthy options for protecting the internet and having better use of the web in common tasks.
  • It was created with potent protocols that work actively to even measure the status of the web and the private data.
  • It has a good value in the market and keeps offering good liquidity for all transactions.
  • The design of this platform is great. It goes beyond the common models, although remains standard in some way.
  • It is recognized by many companies and currently, the token of this platform is available in different exchange services.
  • It is still new and the platform requires management for some of the areas and features it offers.
  • The protocol linked to data management and protection requires certain improvements.