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I have been playing the Splinterlands game ever since it launched back in early 2018 on steemit. I'm one of the players that bought the very first batch or rather series 1 versions of splinterlands cards/packs. Splinterlands is also the first project that introduced me to Non Fungible Tokens and the world of onchain gaming. Its an interesting game that is very simple and easy to play. You also get to earn game cards and various other in-game resources which makes it even more interesting to play since players have an incentive. Splinterlands also did an airdrop of SPS their governance token to early players of the game which is a way of appreciating early adopters. I am glad to have been a players who benefitted from this token airdrop. Overall its a brilliant game that I would never stop playing because I get to play one on one with other real players. Ability anyone to start & join a guild or even launch weekly competition that other players can join is truly awesome. I'm contented with game graphics & gameplay since you don't need any sophisticated equipment to play the game. All you need is a mobile phone or a simple PC, and you can play it webapp directly without having to download the game app. I also enjoy the music and sound used in the game. The future is Multichain, Interchained and Interoperable. I love the fact that Spliterlands adopted & implemented support different blockchains. It definitely stands out as one of the top play to earn games with a lot of potential.   Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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It is a useful platform for the cryptocurrency community to easily find trusted blockchain projects and also know which projects are not worthy invest. Will definitely help different blockchain companies and start ups build their reputation.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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