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bnb is coin from binance exchange, they launch 2017 with ico price bnb $0.13, they have ceo and best roadmap, cz binance always competent every time. in 4 month from launch bnb , price bnb very high. if people buy ico and keep hold until know they have free money from bnb coin. in 2019 bnb token mainnet from eth platform to bnb chain, they have block explorer self and fee transfer bnb coin very cheap than other coin. know bnb coin pump more than 5000%, bnb is future coin, i think price bnb cheap because maybe 2022 price bnb more than $100.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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is a good token to buy, and has a good project in the future. You will not regret if you buy Revain because your money will double. Users can rely on when it comes to making an investment decision, trusting money You can buy revain on bittrex and other big exchange. Buy and hold and your money can much.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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