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I have long used coinomi as my personal wallet, Coinomi is a fairly large market that supports lots of crypto coins one of them is dogecoin, my favorite token, besides the cost of withdrawing this cheap token only 1 doge only also very safe, it's just that the weakness of this market (coinomi) is the address of a wallet that is always changing so that we cannot use it to play faucet, hyip or airdrop and also bounty, very unfortunate, There are also many users in this market, you can download it in Playstore for free, Coinomi is very easy to use and practical more or less that's all I can write here, for more details you can download it yourself, and feel how simple coinomiSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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one of the best and most trusted wallet and in fact there is almost no bad news about this wallet, that is coinbase wallet This wallet is perfect for use by airdrop hunters and faucet hunters because in addition to the minimum exchanges that are so little too small the minimum withdrawals are so very affordable, the disadvantage of this wallet is the high transaction costs and does not support IDR currency nor can it be connected directly to an Indonesian bank unlike indodax or zipmex exchange, if in my opinion this wallet is really recommended to use, especially now that there are many features that are essentially lightening and siding with its users Coinbase is also available for OS and Android and you can download it in Playstore This wallet is free and does not charge at all so what are you waiting for we download the wallet nowSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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this wallet is actually good, it's just that when we do the old kyc process it is also too complicated the kyc process, yeah that's according to me anyway, people who just started to blockchain hehe, but for the matter of security I'm sure this wallet is very safe, the last time I used this wallet was about half a year ago more or less, when the airdrop was crowded in the wallet, unfortunately I didn't get the airdrop, ok, for all those who want to use this wallet, don't hesitate, just hit, but if for the results of the faucet or airdrop is not really recommended to use this wallet just look for another wallet like trust wallet or imtoken, basically that supports erc20 so first posting this time sorry if the language is stubborn because of the results of translating on GoogleSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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