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Narinder K.

Narinder Kumar

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Narinder K.

Narinder Kumar

4 Ebene
10 Bewertungen
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Beitritt zu Mon Aug 06 2018 11:11:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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I like that exchange main fector is support team very well treat our customers and give all priority , exchange is very safe and get many pairs to trade many coins and tokens and major thing Binance always listed good project on own exchange ,which make to Binance world's first crypto exchange Siehe vollständige Bewertung

bibox token Logo

BiBOX token is better future of crypto world .I have great team and great Audience .but I am little bit confused about team and communication ,which they doing not well , anyway overall this project seem good .Siehe vollständige Bewertung

true chain Logo

True chain seem good project .have potential in this crypto coin. I recommend true chain for best investment and grow our blockchain technology,all the best to true chain team ,which very helpful ,Siehe vollständige Bewertung

pundi x Logo

Pundi x is most powerful project in crypto world .great idea of project .and also pundix team always work with dedication on there project ,I love pundi x coin .team is very active for user ,I wish pundix will most popular crypto currencySiehe vollständige Bewertung

gifto Logo

Gifto project is really great project. It have potential to grow own project .plus point of this coin team ,team is very powerful and active .,this project will do change crypto currency world .I love this project , I recommend to all people investment in this project with wide brain .Because .all thing better in this projectSiehe vollständige Bewertung

wanchain Logo

Wanchain project is good ,but in my opinion they need to work own website and support to customers.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

dragonex Logo

Genarly this exchange is great exchange rather than others Fiat currency exchange , all coins are undervalue .,volume is awesome and withdraw amount instantly got , deposit is so easy , exchange interface good , multi value able crpyto currency on one exchangeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

abcc Logo

ABCC provide to us digital asset's Tradeing ,they are helping to grow decenterlized exchange , it has best online service provider to investor Siehe vollständige Bewertung

bitker Logo

The exchange is all over good work not any problem faced to Clint s , support is very good , withdraw system very smoothly work ,exchange interface attractive .Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Poloniex is the largest crypto exchange in the world .I been work there from a year .it have great volume which very effective to a trader .poloniex support team very good but not too active so it's average .but after take the time support team very well guide and solve traders query this exchange all coins best coins not even one coin is shit ,deposit and withdraw too easy .and safe .one more thing I have one problem only from this exchange it take too much time to verified account .anyway I love to poloniex Siehe vollständige Bewertung


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