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About Pundi X

Pundi X is a blockchain service empowering blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world. Pundi X makes cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

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Pundi X: XPOS the payment platform without borders!

Pundi X is a platform originally from Singapore that works as a comprehensive payment system that links large businesses, retailers and users through a chain of blocks. This platform is based on XPOS technology, which consists of using an...See full review

unique and attractive crypto project, pundi x

I'm confident that the Pundi X team understands the true purpose of this device. They want everyone to be able to buy simple things for us, such as food or other items, using bitcoin, but they are having difficulty putting this notion into action...See full review

Pundi X is a comprehensive payment system from Singapore.

Pundi X is an Ethereum token that aims to help people buy things and contribute to crypto use. The improvement team considers factor-offer disputes related to charging outlets, such as the Pundi X label error. Pundi x was created in 2012 by a...See full review

this task has high prevalence PUNDI X

The Pundi X group and its NPXS coins have an exceptionally direct use case. It performs outstandingly. It's an awesome idea, and the assistive innovation behind it has all the earmarks of being easy to utilize. At the point when you consider the...See full review

this project has high popularity PUNDI X

The Pundi X team and its NPXS coins have a very straightforward use case. It performs admirably. It's a fantastic concept, and the assistive technology behind it appears to be simple to use. When you consider the benefits that bitcoin may offer to...See full review

Pundi X is one of the extraordinary undertaking in the crypto space.

It is an open-source blockchain innovation provider that works together with legislative associations, retail shops, and other monetary destinations to convey incorporated administrations. This task was set up fully intent on giving customers more...See full review

Pundi X : helpful and minimal expense distributed trad

This platform is based totally on XPOS technology, which consists of the use of an smart factor of sale system primarily based on block chain technology. This development is due to the fact of the enchancment of XPOS, which contains the utilization...See full review

A project with a cryptocurrency payment solution

The Pundi X is at first being carried out as a last-ditch framework from Singapore to immense affiliations, retailers and clients lined up with the chain of stages. This advancement is because of the improvement of XPOS, which incorporates the...See full review

Pundi X- Good network and hardware solutions

Pundi X is an Ethereum token that objectives to make it less complicated for humans to buy items and offerings the use of crypto. The improvement group plans to distribute factor-of-sale gadgets to outlets that be given charge in shape of the Pundi...See full review

A future cryptocurrency project PundiX

P undi x was created in 2012 by a group of cryptowallet developers. Their goal was to create a blockchain initiative that would connect cryptocurrency wallet users to an environment where bitcoin could be used to pay for a variety of transactions...See full review

Pundi X, a new venture for the sale and purchase of tokens.

Pundi X is the world's first cryptocurrency that introduces us to instant payments and expands our ecosystem of digital payments, and not only, it is a type of digital cryptocurrency that allows us to create a modern asset through transactions...See full review