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Generation Rejection Compatible Magnetic 11 Inch

It would be nice to add buttons instead of a sensor, like on a Wacom stylus, but in general, the sensor is quite convenient. I don’t have any sudden switching, I just need to hold the stylus tighter in my hand and not crawl over it. I toggle the eraser with a quick double tap of my index finger. It is also better to take a case with stylus protection, it does not hold tight enough on the magnet and there is a risk of dropping it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Noctua NF A14 PWM Premium Cooling

I bought it blindly, just thinking that more expensive = better. And I wasnt wrong. When I turned it on while holding it in my hands, the first thing that surprised me was that it did not shake. It just spins and no vibrations. I set the maximum speed in the software, it became a little audible if you listen closely, otherwise this one simply cannot be heard over the noise of the other coolers. It blows really hard, now you can feel a draft from the system unit in your legs. The main problem with other coolers is that they quickly fall apart. If the first week he is not heard, then after a couple of months he begins to roar like a fighter. If you take one in your hands and shake the screw, then you will immediately notice a large backlash, which was not there when you bought it. Noctua coolers have a proprietary bearing with a brass insert of high machining accuracy and magnetic self-centering, all this is closed with oil seals in a liquid lubricant. With this approach, it’s unlikely that anything will break quickly, it’s not in vain that the guarantee is six years.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Toshiba Canvio Portable External Silver

The first disc I took was with a lot of bads. Barely exchanged for another - in the store they resisted very much. Judging by the reviews from the network - a common disease. Tested by Victoria. The speed on USB 2.0 is about 30 megabytes per second and is not constant - there are dips. I did not wait until the end of the test, although I waited 2 days. The speed on USB 3.0 at the beginning of the disk is 110 megabytes per second, towards the end of the disk - 70 megabytes per second! I found the cable for it only on Ali. And the main disappointment - contrary to reviews from the network, the controller is soldered with this non-standard interface, and this is very, very bad! At first I watched a video of this device being parsed - there the external connection bar was separate from the disk itself and it was inserted into the SATA interface of the hardest one. I took it apart, looked it up myself and was very disappointed - everything is not at all like in the video - everything is soldered on one board! The external connection controller is covered, thats all - the hard drive itself can be thrown away. You wont be able to insert it into another device via SATA! It will be very difficult to recover information from it! There can be no talk of any backups on it. Thats the setup from Toshiba! Although, probably, they do it on purpose in order to buy cheap devices more often.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Logitech S120 2 0 Stereo Speakers

The best choice for the money! Excellent sound for a small system, which is very nice - relatively uniform in frequencies. Of course, you wont hear deep, clean basses, but you cant say that they dont exist at all. Unlike many others, such as older speakers, they are suitable not only for voice reproduction, but also for a wider frequency range for playing music.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Apple IPad 10 2 Inch Wi Fi 32GB

Regular tablet. Of course, if you had budget androids or old iPhones before, then after buying this tablet you will be delighted, there will be a wow effect, how everything is smooth and Apples super-optimization does not slow down. But if you have a flagship android with a powerful processor and 120Hz, then you will not see any smooth operation here. ios 15 on this tablet is still poorly optimized, the appstore crashes, the animation is jerky, applications are much more expensive than analogues for android. Many games are poorly optimized and run at 30 frames or low resolution, although the hardware should pull it. It can be seen that 3 GB of RAM is close to him and in new versions of ios this will become a problem, everything will start to lag and crash even more. The tablet is good for the money but nothing more.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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