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Logotipo de dogecoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke, a joke inspired by the internet meme "DOGE". This cryptocurrency was also created in the hope of reaching a fairly large amount than that of the investors who created Bitcoin. Little by little, it gained popularity after being very mentioned on social networks, one of its creators registered a game called domino dogecoin, and then its beautiful and safe wallet. This crypto has more than 40 million daily transactions only surpassed by Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer based on Blockchain technology, this cryptocurrency managed to build a sustainable and friendly society. It is one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, at first nobody took interest in this cryptocurrency for its logo of the meme of a Japanese dog. This cryptocurrency was launched in 2013 as one of the old coins accompanied by Bitcoin, in 2017 its value began to go upwards, almost reaching $ 2.00 million. And the question is whether this cryptocurrency is worth investing in? The answer could be said that if you already have to consider more Dogecoins than Bitcoins, since it is a cryptocurrency with a true value with which you can acquire any type of goods and services online and even in businesses in Anywhere in the world where they accept this cryptocurrency, and the best thing is that its price or value is growing every day, days after days. It is their website is very attractive and has informative guides where you can get up to date on how to manage it, how to create the wallet, how to exchange among many other things.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de mithril

Today, many people and businesses around the world accept it as a form of payment, so much so that it currently has a market capitalization of more than $ 300 million and a transaction volume of more than $ 17 million. It is a very good decentralized project that allows to reward all users for creating content on the most famous and popular social networks in the world, these tokens are acquired through a procedure called Social mining, you can also interact with others while receiving rewards. Currently the best known social networks are Facebook and Instragram, obtaining good benefits that users report on it. If we start to think a little about how it works and how it is done to obtain this cryptocurrency, we are ourselves who always keep it active as much as updated all the time, placing content on our events as important as not very important or simply jokes , or any event about the news in them we can inform ourselves of anything that happens or happens around us whether or not we are in the same country, and to obtain the reward it is not just adding the content and that's it, because of the number of visits that you got in that content, for the amount of likes for the temporary time that people have seen your content or mostly the times that they have shared the content that you have created. One of the main objectives of this project is to build the largest and most sophisticated social network on the basis of Blockchain, others is to integrate with the most important and largest social networks of the moment. This project became the first to experience the migration of its funds to the new native chain of the Binance DEX exchange, with this migration you will have more speed, security and comfort of the new Binance DEX platform due to this news the cryptocurrency increased to 65 % formerly ERC20 now is BEP2 which started shortly after the official launch of Binance's main network. The first to experience the use of this new platform are those who own MITH will have the privilege of experiencing the new security, speed and simplicity of Binance DEX.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de iota

IOTA is a great project with different interesting and very striking features, it is a distributed ledger that uses a directed acyclic graph instead of a conventional block drop. Its Tangle and Quantum Proof system is said to come with many benefits, fees are at zero, greater stability and above all infinite, your transactions are fast in real time and most of all high end data transfer security. This project comes from Germany where it is located and was created on June 11, 2016, and since then it has sold obtaining a good reputation and considered one of the safest cryptocurrencies in the world, it became famous thanks to its operandi system that it offers. The Tangle makes the fees or commissions do not exist for each transaction made, and in turn, without fixed limitations on the amount of transaction operated for confirmations per second in this network, and also enriches the performance of the activity on the network, I want say that the more activity there on this network so valuable the faster and higher performance the platform has. This platform has an open source divided accounting technology, which allows the exchange of information and value on the Internet of Things in a very safe and protective way. One of the main benefits and innovations is that its blockchain system is very different instead of the traditional technology. Blockchain uses its own architecture system called Tangle, based on directed acyclic graph. This architecture makes it possible as I have already said that there are no commissions, and that the delay in this network is very low.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum classic

This cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic is a derivation of Ethereum is crypto operates worldwide anywhere in the world, one of its new features is to have greater compatibility with Ethereum, in addition to excellent improvements to the blockchain. This platform has a very low transaction fee, accessible to move assets from one wallet to another, it is mostly used for this because of the low cost of its transactions. Despite its very dark past with its instability, but with the passing of time, its franchise gradually stabilized and grew so much that it is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies and is one of the popular today its Blockchain technology how much with a variety of features and great smart contracts.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de deltapool

DeltaPool is an altcoin mining group that operates anywhere in the world. Very juicy rates are available that users have greater thanks and do not pay for many withdrawal fees or to extract the cryptocurrency. This platform has a well-known payment method called Prop / PPLNS, this payment method well-known by many users is extravagant platform you can extract the following Equihash, Zcash, ZEN and ZClassic cryptocurrencies among others. On security, it offers some of the most automated systems in the world of security for users, and lastly, the commission rate is 1%.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wattum

WATTUM is a relatively new mining platform where you can mine different types of cryptocurrencies, it works only in North America. This is a platform with a commission rate of 2% of each successful operation, this mining group is completely private, which makes it very safe for all users who operate on it, with respect to their security and deposits, it has the best security for the comfort of its users so that they feel safe and calm, and the deposits are very fast and the good thing that you can do several a day without any problem. If you want to learn how to extract currency, this platform is one of the indicated only if you live in North America.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de 1ds equipool

exerie 1ds Equipool is a platform with high security, responsibility and loyalty to users with good thoughts and actions. Scammers or what you want to give the platform a bad reputation are not very welcome. This is a platform where you can mine or extract any cryptocurrency compatible with this platform, among them are BTCZ, ZEC, ZEN, KMD, ZCL, VOT, HUSH. It is a very safe platform to mine without any interruption or something similar works 24 hours a day. It operates worldwide being available to everyone who wants to learn about it, its payment methods with proportional, you can make several withdrawals a day and its commission fee is very affordable money 1% of each operation.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de monerohash

MoneroHash is a platform that operates anywhere in the world, the main headquarters is in the United States, it is compatible to extract only the XMR cryptocurrency, to register it is very easy and simple, its page is very attractive and striking. It is recommended for new miners who do not have much experience, since it has some tutorials, on how the page works, how to extract the cryptocurrency and how to withdraw it, among other things. It has a 1.6% and 10% rate for open source developers, also how many with its excellent and safe withdrawals but the bad thing is that they are 3 a day but the good thing is that you can extract it to your exchange wallet without any problem and inconvenience, with respect to its very good and reliable security but it lacks improvements and the good thing is that the platform is focused on being one of the best looking for updates both in its mining system and the security and services offered to users.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de digihash

The DigiHash group is a tin mining form where you can have fun mining cryptocurrencies that are compatible with this platform, it is a bit expensive group with 5% fees, but it rewards you with its excellent services, security, among other things. It is a platform that operates worldwide with headquarters in Europe, Asia and the United States, this mining platform has a high performance thanks to its Node.js backend. Payments on this platform are very good insurance and above all fast, it also has a customer service for any questions or problems that users have, this platform operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de zpool

ZPool is a very famous mining platform and with excellent services and above all security, on this platform you can extract several cryptocurrencies including BTC, BTCD, RADS and VRC. This platform operates worldwide with offices in the United States and Europe. That allows to mine in a very safe and intelligent way among several algorithms, the payments I am fast and safe, you can also make several daily withdrawals without any problem, it can be in hours and even minutes. The fee for these platforms is a bit high compared to other platforms but it only compensates with the various benefits that the user gets from being part of this beautiful and prestigious platform. Since its launch, given that speaking in a very good and beneficial way for the platform and not so long ago to the sea, focused on being one of the best mining platforms in the world and being the best in its work in excellent services and safety. High quality for users and fit the needs of your beloved users.Ver reseña completa

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