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Isaac John

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Logotipo de ethereum

Review on one of the most famous and widely used blockchain chain project where users can carry out different series of complex and private transactions on the platform provided by this project. Ethereum is known to be one of the oldest and most valuable blockchain platform that has ever graced the world of cryptocurrency alongside Bitcoin. This blockchain project has its own native currency known as Eth. Ethereum is a decentralized platform, as such users of this blockchain has control over their assets, since the platform is not backup by any central authority. it is also known that the ethereum blockchain has been in operation for over 6 years now, and up till this veery moment it hasn't experience any downtime or any external attack from hackers. This shows how reliable and ideal the project is. The ethereum blockchain was created by some teams of crypto enthusiast, so as to provide a platform where complex contract trade and also private transactions can be run on the ethereum network. Ethereum was mainly created to provide support for the incapability of Bitcoin. And since then the ethereum blockchain has the highest marketing value, but only second to the one and only Bitcoin. Ethereum is an active blockchain project, the volume of trade on this platform keeps on increasing every 24 hours. it is reliable. Also, ethereum token is among the most valuable cryptocurrency together with Bitcoin, as 1 Eth is equivalent to 2,770.69 USD. when you convert it to my countries Naira currency, is is equivalent to 1,217,207.22 Naira, in the Nigeria currency. This shows how valuable the ethereum network is.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de

The importance of Exchange platforms in cryptocurrencies cannot be overemphasized. Many cryptocurrencies Exchange platforms with great trading features and unique trading tools has been made available to traders so as to effectively carry out their trading activities. One of this exchange is Nex Exchange, but popularly known as N. Exchange. For so many traders, N. Exchange is just another newly discovered trading platform. But from my little experience with this exchange, N. Exchange is more than that. N. Exchange is a cryptocurrencies Exchange platform, that originated from the United kingdom. Throughout my experience and research about Exchanges, I have found out that the United kingdom are also among the top leading country in Europe when it comes to discovering cryptocurrencies Exchange platform. This Exchange although been just newly discovered, as alot of unique and interesting trading features and views. Although most traders including myself are not still comfortable with the exchange and transaction fees. N. Exchange as it is popularly known, has a fast processing feature. users can carry out different transactions within a short time. However, the registration and verification process is very compulsory before one can effective trade on this exchange. But the registration requires kyc verification so as to process. Also this exchange support trading on cryptocurrencies and other several other Fiat currencies. This makes it for both newbies and experienced traders to effectively trade on it. But my major issue with this exchange is that, the mobile version of it, is not made available. This had made alot of traders with only mobile devices not to access this exchange. N. Exchange has good support teams online, that effectively respond to customers complains concerning this platform. Trading on this unique Exchange is a whole new experience for me. The trading features and views perfectly fits my trading pattern. However, n. Exchange has yet to gain global popularity, as most other exchanges. it is not well recognized and not known to many cryptocurrencies trader. But however, n. Exchange is still a good Exchange platformVer reseña completa

Logotipo de telus ventures

There are alot of Capital investment ventures companies, that helps to pool out their resources and capitals, inorder to help most especially developing companies to reach Their maximum potential. However, most of this Capital Ventures Companies mostly focus on technological based company, but however there's this innovative capital ventures company that has also paid attention to other aspects such as health, security telecommunication, internet services and many more. Telus Ventures is a North American telecommunication company, that was established in the year 2001, but so far this company has made a great Mark in so many Technological based Companies all over the globe. this company invest in health, telecommunication, internet, security, technology and so many more. This has make them unique and different from other Capital Ventures Companies all over the globe. So many Companies and industries, most especially start up businesses and technological based company are doing well and reaching their required potentials all because of this world class teams of investors and entrepreneurs known as Telus Ventures. Telus Ventures has their headquarters in North American, Canada and also in British Columbia. This venture company usually adopts a method of initial stage investment with Companies that offers business potential. That is, they don't just invest their capitals in any business. They must be convinced that such business has the potential of doing great. Telus Ventures is an innovative ventures capital system, that is mostly based on technology and specifically on telecommunication. This venture company is still available and also still operational. they have help to develop and support so many businesses and companies. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dell technologies capital

Technology has become the order of the day in the human society. Without this technologies, life would have been difficult and inconvenient. There are thousands of technological based Companies around the world. But however, not all of this Companies are actually doing well. This might due to some number of factors. Like low capital to invest, poor mangement and many more. Dell Technology Capital as the name implies is a technological based company, that provides investment platforms for Enterprise and consumers. This company has a great teams and group of investors and entrepreneurs that invest on different technological based company, most especially start up companies, so as to help such companies succeed. Many Companies around the globe are doing well, all thanks to this team of world class investors who put in their capitals and resources so that such companies can continue operating and succeeding. Dell Technology Capital has its headquarters in California, United States. This Company has invested over 200 million dollars in over 100 technological based company, since it's existence. This Company mostly engage in early stage investment. Also, not only did they invest on Companies, they also have teams of expertise, that offers advices to growing companies. Dell Technology Capital has really done well to so many companies. They are still operational and functioning. They are still promoting technology all over the world. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ownr wallet

Hello revainers, I will be sharing with you on this particular unique and versatile wallet known as OWNR wallet. My review on this wallet will be based on my personal experience and some other research I did made about it. Basically, wallets are mainly used for storing cryptocurrencies and other assests. However, in my quest for a more unique, versatile and multi functional wallet, I discovered OWNR wallet. OWNR wallet is a multi functional, unique and versatile wallet from Estonia, where users can effectively used to store, exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. OWNR wallet has been made available in Mobile, desktop and also web devices. This makes it easily accessible and more reliable. Another unique thing about this wallet is that it supports the buying, selling and storing of more than ten cryptocurrencies, including ERC 20 tokens. Also, users don't need to worry about the safety of their crypto assests, this is because the company incharge has ensured that this wallet provides the highest level of security to it's users and their assests. With OWNR wallet, users can pay for their products, pay for services and also carry out different transactions using cryptocurrencies. So far, OWNR wallet is one of the most competitive cryptocurrency wallet available and am yet to see any innovative company who had been able to provide any wallet like OWNR wallet. if you really want to enjoy your trade on cryptocurrency, I recommend you to this wallet known as OWNR wallet. it is safer, convinient and multi functional. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de armoney

Hello dear revainers, I will be sharing my review based on my experience with this particular Exchange called Armoney. As we all know, Exchange plays major role in cryptocurrencies trading. As without this Exchange platform, most trading will be impossible. It is in the light of this that developers make availabl different Exchanges. Armoney is another exchange that was created to support trading of cryptocurrencies. However, this exchange has failed to live up to expectations. Armoney Exchange doesn't support trading of cryptocurrencies anymore and information regarding this exchange is now unavailable. This exchange has no trading features, which legitimately disqualifies it as an ideal and reliable Exchange platform. Interested users are advised are advised to look for other legitimate and ideal Exchange platform to trade on. Armoney Exchange is not ideal anymore for trading. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de arno

In the course of taking the world of technology to a whole new level and making lives more easier, I present to you the top and leading technological based company known as Arno. Arno is known to be a nano based technology based company, that deals basically on nanotechnology to produce high quality energy products, like batteries and others. Based on the information and updates provided on this project, Arno has been available for some while now, and so far, it has made its mark as not just a company that sprcilized on nanotechnology, but also a platform where interested investors can invest their tokens in the ongoing and development of this unique project. Arno is still a project at the process of development, that is why, it has created an open and free rooms, for investors who are willing to support the project, to invest their tokens towards the development of this project. Also, inorder to raise funds for the continuous development of this project, Arno are making use of blockchain to its own advantage. Investors can use either Fiat or cryptocurrencies to invest their own token. Arno has also come up with it's own native token, which is widely known as ARNO Token, an ERC20 token.This token is widely available for sale. Holders of this token has the advantage of benefiting from this company. Arno is an incredible and reliable project. It worth a try.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de columbia partners private capital

My review will be basely centered on the credibility of this unique capital venturing institution supports the growth, smooth running and development of mostly privately owned establishments or companies. Based on my research on Columbia partners private capital, these are capital investors that majorly invest their capitals on privately owned and established enterprises, so as to ensure the smooth running and stability of such company. The Columbia partners private capital is abbreviated as CPPC, and they have their headquarters at Washington DC. CPPC are non governmental, that is, they donot invest on public or government owned enterprises. This institution don't only invest their capitals on private companies, they also pay for their debts and equity. With the Columbia partners private capital investing on your private company, I can assure you that your business is moving to a whole new level.  With the involvement of the Columbia partners private capital, the owner of a private company is not affected by the policy of the government.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de flow capital

So many companies, industries, firms and organizations are still functioning and doing well due to the impact of many capital ventures companies, which provide the most needed stability to keep the company growing. A lot of companies cool are we experiencing bankruptcy, limited capitals and lack of financial support, but due to the presense of this capital ventures, businesses are moving smoothly. Flow capital is another venture capital platforms that are making a good marks in the lives of many businesses today. Flow capital was introduced some years back, but so far this capital ventures are doing alot of good to many businesses, organizations, firms etc. Flow capital serves as investors and also as advisors to many growing companies, where they help ensure stability of the company. This venture also offers loans, capitals to many industries, so as to enable them keep up with their regular trading activities. There is so much that can be said about this venture called flow capital. As many businesses are flowing well due to the great impact of flow capital.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de espresso capital

Alot of businesses and organizations, are not doing well due to lack of support both financial support and others. For this industries and firms to do well, they need supports and guide from other top leading companies. Since the introduction of espresso capital, there have been some noticeable development and growth from various growing firms and organisations. Espresso capital is a venture capital organization, that are into providing stability to other growing industries. This is done by providing loans, financial advices, support and capitals to this organizations, so they can continue with their day to day trading activities. So many organizations are doing well and consistently carrying out their daily trading activities, thanks espresso capital venture. Espresso capital venture was introduced in the year 2009, and so far, it has made a global impact in the lives of many industries. Espresso capital is still functioning, it will worth a try.Ver reseña completa

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