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Columbia Partners Private Capital

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About Columbia Partners Private Capital

Columbia Partners Private Capital (CPPC) is an institutional investment team headquartered in the Washington, DC area. CPPC invests in private equity, venture and mezzanine debt through its Fund of Funds. Columbia also invests in debt and equity in privately held, institutionally backed, growth companies. With over $440 million currently under management, Columbia Partners Private Capital seeks to deliver consistently superior risk adjusted investment returns for their clients through a disciplined investment process. CPPC is a unit of RCP Advisors 2, LLC.

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Columbia Partners Private Capital as a institutional investment team

We all know that there is an incredible number of companies now that invest in leveraged funds and capital in private, institutionally supports growth companies, as well as in perpetual and mezzanine debt. One such company is Columbia Partners...See full review


Columbia partners private capital is known to be a firm made for investment purposes founded in the year 2004 based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The aim of this investment firm is to look for a superior risk adjusted returns through private market...See full review

Columbia Partners Private Capital

Columbia Partners Private Capital: is an investment firm that seeks superior risk-adjusted returns through private market investments. We leverage our deep investment experience, broad networks, and thoughtful process to build exceptional...See full review

The credibility of Columbia partners private capital.

My review will be basely centered on the credibility of this unique capital venturing institution supports the growth, smooth running and development of mostly privately owned establishments or companies. Based on my research on Columbia partners...See full review

CPPC company

Columbia Partners Private Capital also known as CPPC has its headquarter in Washington DC with sub-offices in Maryland, Bethesda, and the united state it an equity investment company founded on Sep 1, 2004, its co-founders/partner Christopher...See full review

Review on Columbia Partners Private Capital

Columbia Partners Private Capital is an investment firm that seeks to achieve high risk-adjusted returns by investing in the private market. Columbia Partners Private Capital was founded in 2004. To build a portfolio, the company relies on...See full review

Experience at the service of new investments

Columbia Partners Private Capital is an investment company that, through its experience gained since 2004, seeks to enhance the returns of its investors, adjusting them to the level of risk, through investments in the private market in the United...See full review

My review about this company

Columbia partners private capital, is a company that invest in private equity, venture, and even mezzanine debt. This company im talking about is among one of the best private investment company, because they have many establishment, organizations...See full review

My review and opinion about Columbia partners private capital

Columbia partners private capital, this is a non-governmental establishment that invest in private equity and they have a headquarter in Washington, DC area. Like I said this Columbia partners private capital invest in private equity, ventures...See full review