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Logotipo de bitpool

Bitpool is a little mining pool that is currently unavailable and unaccessible in most regions of the world, this mining pool stopped all activites since it's developers stopped giving it support,it has since then been limited to only some regions of the world. This mining pool looks more like scam, it has stopped displaying balance of transactions for it's users,it is not adviceable to use this pool, it is dangerous and risky as assets might be lost. It's social Media pages are currently down and it's not interactive, it is not functional, it denies access and logs,it lacks efficiency, it is not accessible for both mobile data and VPN users. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de war riders

This game is an exceptional and breathtaking vehicle combat game, it is one of a kind,it posses varieties of features that makes it different from other vehicle game in the blockchain ecosystem. This game was designed differently with vehicles having weapons to battle against enemies, this game is sad currently not free for gamers, gamers have to make some purchase and put their assets to be able to explore this game. Gaming is on the other hand not free, gamers don't explore the game just for fun but they also earn financial rewards, gamers using this platform earn benzene token as their rewards, this is earned by selling vehicles or by participating in contest. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitbank

Bitbank is a crypto currency exchange that was first established in Japan, it allows traders to execute trading activities using the official Japanese currency JPY, it was solely created to trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. This exchange comes with an amazing benefit for it's users, traders execute all trading activities without charges on transactions, it charges 0% on both withdrawal and deposit. It is very accessible and simple exchange platform, it has an easily navigable user interface, it has a brilliant design.This exchange is available on mobile and web, it is also has a very good reputation,it's popularity is high.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de blocklords

Blocklords is a Dapp game, it was introduced first on the Tron blockchain, it has gained support from NEO. This blockchain game is an award winner, gamers are to battle to attain powers by fighting with other Lords. It is very a unique and interesting game, once a gamer opens it's site, they immediately gain access to protective armour for the hands, hamlets for intelligence, armour that improves leadership skills, a protective shield for defence against other fighters, then weapons for attacking opponents. It is very easy to register, it is fast, good user interface and good design, I imploy gamers to explore this game.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de merge cats

merge cats is a crypto currency game with ERC20 tokens that players mine tokens for free without any financial registration. It was solely created to give pleasure as well as financial rewards. Gamers earn coins on this game by simply allowing cats to go round a track to earn coins. It is very exciting and fun to play,Gamers earnings increase as they upgrade thier cats. It is very accessible, it is available on Apple store, it has a very friendly and easily navigable user interface. This game gives reward to users using the SOUL token, it is a token in the Ethereum blockchain, it offers tutorial to beginner gamer.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de allcoin

Allcoin is an exchange platform that was established in 2013, it was designed and established by cascadia electronic corporation. This exchange Platform have all the digital tokens on it's platform.The beta version of this exchange platform was released for users in 2016. This company have it's headquarters in Canada,but this exchange is currently not available,it seems not to be available, it was developed by finitrac but it's is not available at the moment. The whole project is meaningless for users now, the website is risky and it looks expired already, users are adviced to flee from this exchange until further reviews are been written about it.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de braziliex

Braziliex is a crypto currency platform that have popular crypto currencies on it's platform, currencies likes Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum. This exchange convert tokens into Brazilian official currency called REAL. It was founded in 2017 in Brazil by a man named Marcelo Marques. This exchange platform have a very high transaction charges, both the takers and makers transactions charges is 0.5%. This platform gives limited withdrawals to customers who did not register with their KYC, Registration is very easy and simple. This exchange is currently available in four languages in the world.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bellum athletics

Bellum Athletics

Bellum Athletics is a sporting accessories store that has multiple sporting accessories for varieties of sport like football, baseball, basketball. It has different brands on it's platfrom like Franklin,marrucci,ball player barn,taner etc, it offers international delivery and shipping services, it has low popularity,it is a great online store but it is not recognized both on social media it lacks followers. Registration is very easy for users,all they need to do is fill in their names,emails and choose a password but themselves, it has a great user interface and numerous payment options like Apple pay,American Express, Visa and Google pay. It's a good store but I suggest that more reviews should be written to improve it's popularity and the developers should do more advertisement and Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de diving analysers

Diving analyser

Diving analyser is a sporting store that sells accessories and products of sport and goods for lovers of the sport diving and their fanatics. The products that the store has is really little and without different brands, the only products that the store has in abundance are just equipments for diving. It has newsletters that allows customers to get reviews and information, users just need to log in to their email address,it has an inactive and closed down social media page, the last time they wrote an update on their social Media page was 2 years ago. The website of this store is limited, it is really poor and too simple, the homepage is not enough to hold some contents and information for users.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de american table tennis

American table tennis

American table tennis is an offline and online store that was established in 1979 in Michigan USA. It is a professional store for the sales of table tennis accessories, it is one of the biggest importer and distributor of table tennis goods in the world. It has an unbeatable price system, it's good are very affordable, it has a very fast and efficient shipping and delivery service. It has a great social Media platfrom where they can be contacted, customers can also contact this store via news letters by just signing up using their email address. It has attained great ratings from customer and so many positive reviews due to its top notch service delivery.  Its major brand is the Yakasa brand of manufacturers, but it has other top brands in it's collection of products, brands like Gambler, Butterfly, Donic,Xiom, Newgy.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de optimum sports

Optimum sport

This is a UK based online store that deals and specialize in the manufacturing and sales of sporting accessories and products for cricket and football teams. It also offers sales of personal kits and training kits for football teams.  It has in stock the best design and quality of products for cricket like batting gloves,PPE, helmets ,luggage,ball and cricket bat. It also specializes in the manufacturing of both glass and Crystal awards for football players, football officials, medals for football teams, crickets awards, cricket medals . It has good and reputable brands like Joma, Salix, New balance, Nike, Macron on it's stock of good. It is an all good shopping store and I recommend all cricket fanatics and players with football teams both at the amateur and professional level to get accessories with top quality from this store. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de the bowler's barn

The bowlers barn

The bowlers barn is an Australian based online store for bowlers, it was established with the aim of giving comfort to bowlers to shop for items at their conveniences at home. It has divers of products and accessories in it's store, it is a store that places priority on delivering quality products and services to its customers. It gives expert advice from international bowlers and Bo coaches. The store has great customer service, they can be contacted via emails and via phone calls, they deal with quality brands and they have a platform that allows bowlers with little income to shop for items. items like indicator bags, boundary pegs,rink numbers, jacks, score board,step units,mats and score paddles are available for shopping for bowlers.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de eurosport


Eurosport is an internet store that allows sport fanatics to get balls, Jerseys,gloves,shorts, soccer Boots, training equipment and shin guards. It is a store that does it's main activities across USA and Canada, it is not available for shipping and deliveries to other countries. Its products are from big, top and global brands like Diadora, New balance, Addidas, Nike, puma,etc. It also offer divers payment methods like apple pay, Google pay, visa, American Express, MasterCard. It has an unfriendly and poor user interface and website that is difficult to navigate and access easily. It has a very low social media interactive platfrom and a very low net revenue. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de the natural weight

The Natural Weight

Natural weight is an online store residing at the United kingdom that offers goods for a wide range of sports, it places more interest on the well being of it's customers, sporting accessories are sold at lower prices compared to other online stores. It is a sporting store that offers assistance for divers sport groups across the globe, they accept return of products, they sell at lower prices,the tax rates on goods are also reduced, if offers sportsman and woman varieties of payment methods on it's website, it is also recommended for sport fans to explore Because this online store because its is educative and they can discover new things on the Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wiredsport


This is an online store based in the United kingdom which sells different sporting goods on it's platfrom, it had produced highly valuable and great sport goods that makes sport fans love it. It was established with the aim of promoting sporting activities around the globe, it had not slowed down in it's activities since it's establishment, it had made divers sport accessories to sport fanatics. Their goods are reliable and has good brand than other online stores, it has a great price system, it is very affordable for sportsman and wome, their products are long lasting with an advantage of it being cheap and economically great.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de sports imports

Sports import

sport imports is an online store that covers varieties of volleyball,tennis and badminton equipment. It supplies volleyball poles, balls, rackets, training accessories and whistles for officials. It has provided an exquisite service to customers in America, South America and European countries, it has kept a good and top notch reputation since it's establishment in 1976, it has gained recommendations and positive reviews and comments from sport fans across the globe. It has a website but trading activities doesn't work on it, it was provided for customers to easily access the nearest sales representative of the company in their region, it is available in 48 states in the United States of America, it has partnership from notable organisations like NCAA,NFHS, coaches association, USA volleyball and America volleyball association.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de hockey supremacy

Hockey supremacy

Hockey supremacy is an online store based in Canada that gives Hockey lovers a wide varieties of accessories,sticks and other hockey equipment. This online store has quality products and brands for it's customers. It has so many equipments like hockey sticks, hockey helmet, hockey balls, elbow pads,neck guards, shin guards,hockey skates and other protective equipments to avoid injury. It has great customers service with good delivery and shipping service,it has partnership with global and quality brands like knappers,saxx, CCM,Gongshow and Brostel. Products with prices above $99 attracts free shipping for customers, it is however restricted to only Canada which makes it not accessible for hockey fanatics in other regions.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de certified piedmontese

Certified piedmontese

Hello everyone, I am delighted to write on this company, when it has to do with beef, this is one of the best, it has a unique and delicious taste that all people would enjoy. Beef is a very essential and important proteinous meal, the company tried by delivering a very palatable and sumptuous taste to the certified piedmontese. They offer other varieties of meat and protein on their website, it has a very simple and easy web page,it is also easily accessible for customers,it is easy to navigate on it's website and its isit's is user friendly. It is a trusted company with reliable informations about itself, it's delivery service is also great. I recommend everyone to try out the certified piedmontese.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de svb


Hello everyone I want to share my experience using this marketplace platform SVB.  This is the biggest and secured platform for acquiring ship accessories and bolts, it also offer sales in all acquatic sports and other materials, it makes delivery to other countries in the world. It offers technological development in all kinds of ships, they have expertise that offers company with functional technological Oper on ships. They sell at great and affordable prices with great delivery services, it is safe and reliable, it has high quality and the company is transparent. It is globally recognised and it has loads of customers. It has a great trading volume with good amount of annual income. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de

A great venture

This is a great venture that was established in 2007, it has given jobs to more than 200 people in Madrid, Tokyo, Mumbai,Tel Aviv, Shenzhen and Seoul. It has valuable information about digital currencies, stock exchange, world currency rates, shares, securities, products and financial costs. It has given an outrageous unlimited access to more than 300,000 monetary tools which includes monetary analysis, plans, portfolios. It's application is available on both Android and iOS and it has attained ranking as the most used money application on Google play, it is a trusted platform and many great recommendations have been given by great and loyal publicists.Ver reseña completa

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