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Merge Cats

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About Merge Cats

Merge cats is a free mining game with ERC20 tokens integration. The goal of the entire project is to enable the player both for having a good time as for receiving cryptocurrencies for it.

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MergeCats is one sure way to earn by gaming

Welcome to Merge Cats, a gaming platforn where players can just earn Cryptos by allowing cats that you've bought to go round a certain race track and help you earn coins, earnings are made faster by upgrading the cats. This game doesn't just serve...See full review

Merge cats: An action game with financial rewards

merge cats is a crypto currency game with ERC20 tokens that players mine tokens for free without any financial registration. It was solely created to give pleasure as well as financial rewards. Gamers earn coins on this game by simply allowing...See full review

Cat mergers with SOUL token earnings

Merge cats a game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing, that its game dynamics is based on the design of cats with the fact of merging kittens and progressing through levels and different worlds, which in fact Appearance of...See full review

Merge Cats is a great game for fun and safe game.

Hello everyone, this is my plan for today.The best part about this game is that it's fun. I really like this game. This game is one of the most convenient games. Making money in this game is great and convenient. The name of this game is Merge Cats…See full review

The power of dapps.

Well its a free game on the app store i like it i think that its a good way to enjoy the world of crypto. You really cant beat that you merge cool cats you earn in game for competing in races and earn a little while doing so. Its not a full time...See full review

Feline combination game with Soul token prizes

Game that comprises of the methodology of combining felines that would then be able to be progressed levels and universes for this to be remunerated with the CryptoSoul token, which can likewise be procured in the game with Mastercard and permits...See full review

What i think of Merge Cat

Merge Cat is an interesting and good blockchain game that you can't stop when you start playing. Connecting cats is getting harder and harder to get to a higher level, but you have to do something at all times. You also have daily tasks and...See full review


With the innovation of blockchain games investing in crypto currencies is not the only way you can be able to hold some virtual assets even though it might be in a low volume. I'm not an animal game lover but I'm still surprised on how this game...See full review


MERGE CATS is a game that unites cats. Playing the game allows you to make real cryptographic money. You can also exchange your trademark token with another cryptocurrency. No information available for iOS or desktop devices but we can say that it...See full review

Merge Cats addictive crypto game

Looking around for some fun crypto games I discovered Merge Cats by Sergei Zasorin. I am not a fan of cute kittens, however after a week of merging cats I found out I am already addicted to achieving new levels of merged cats and of course gaining...See full review