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Bashiru A.

Bashiru Awoleye

9 nivel
64 reseñas
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Logotipo de komodo mining pool

After a lot of research, I found out that komodo mining pool is one of the fastest mining among all block mining, it has been calculated and read that it only took a minute and half to complete it mining, and this a good number for users. Komodo has a very necessary support for the market of stakes and swap, it has at about five(5) servers that do redirect users to Mining with more blocks. It is very easy for users to access, but normally have a Link provided issue , but users can get the link from an external sites. This platform have enable users to be able to discover Is the most effective, they is an hash rates which is normally shown on the public dashboard. In this platform You can mine easily without entering any data in the service, you can also join the platform by just registering on it officially. This service require an installation of GPU software for easy management.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de tbdice

First of all I Will start by saying run from TBDice, I wouldn't advise anybody to log in to this website, they will get you enticed by showing you impressive reviews, but I tthink they are all fake. TBDice is a mining but it's not reliable, because the percentage stated are not being paid after everything. Whenever I made a payment or any transaction it always on hold, I guess that would be because of too much traffic, i tried to reached out to the service provider support team, but I was given a no clue as an answer, very misleading answers, that put me to a conclusion to say it a scam. DOGECOIN and LITECOIN are not allowed to be withdrawn, it seems this mining system is created to favor developers only, users are just being used. I don't advise anybody to go any where near this platformVer reseña completa

Logotipo de aquathereum

Good day everyone, after some thorough research on Aquathereum, I can say is a good game which I can recommend for miners, this platform give it user the access to gain and own their assets on the block chain. This platform can be played on the desktop of the computer, it really enjoyable to the users and it fun. This platform present a great theme for does who love combat, in this platform the name of the token is the same as the game. After some intensive research, some do say aquathereum do give it user reward while playing, but I found ,out that's a lie With this platform, the each useris a owner of a submarine, ship and being able to build or manufactured this. This platform is highly recommendable, it has good graphics and design which users do enjoy.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pathfinders

Good day everyone, thorough research have been done on this platform, this game is a game which has multiplayer where users can play with friends and love one's, it was released in the early February last year by George tsagkarakis. This platform hasn't been released to the crypto market yet, it can only be played on desktop of the computer, this makes the platform not really enjoyable for users, the company publishing this platform is a the in focus. This game is really enjoyable especially to the guys, because it mainly on spaceship war. Nobody have gotten any information on when the game will be released, it still unknown, the graphics and design of this platform is low and it doesn't make it look okay for users.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitfex

Good day everyone, After some intensive research, it was discovered that the bitfex dot trade is the only original and reliable website for Bitfex, it exchange can be done using USD and RUB, it web Page is very poor and unattractive for user, and this makes it very difficult to access, and more difficult for beginners. It makes trading unfit for it users, this platform has a very low trading volume, Bitfex was first established at early 2018, only Russian are the one's in this platform, and for this it not really impressive, other countries don't have access to it, it customers services is very poor. i don't recommend this platform for any user , it not reliable.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de spirit clash

Good day everyone, after some intensive research on Spirit cash , it was discovered that this block chain crypto currency game is based mainly on collecting cash, user get rewarded while playing the game which makes this platform stand out compare to others. It has different models of cards,with an artistic animation, this platform has a very good web page design which is simple to understand and even beginners can understand without giving any external lessons on how to do it. This platform is designed to be played on desktop of the computer, which is really not good enough, this might be the only reasons why they is only few user. For a user to be able to buy, it has to install an wallet extensions to the web browser,this platform is very enjoyable to it users, and it lovely. Spirit clash represent a good value In digital assetsVer reseña completa

Logotipo de crypto fights

Good day everyone, after some thorough research on crypto Fights, I can say it a game which I can recommend gamers to play, this platform is an online crypto currency block chain game which is played with real crypto currency, it a war game , which can be played with real players, it is very enjoyable while playing like that. This platform called crypto Fights is still under development, but it is still very active and effective,this platform has a sufficient user base. This game is very reliable because it user are to see reliable information about the developers in the game. This platform has a tutorial section , where beginners are able to learn in details about the game, and this makes it very easy, for a user to be able to participate in a tournament , he or she has to pay, but the fee for this is kinda high for users to pay, for this reason only few user participate in tournament.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de trade by trade

Good day everyone, Some researches have been done , and it shows that Trade by trade is one among other blockchain cryptocurrency exchange, this platform do support different coins, this platform do charge at about 0.40% both as a taker and as a maker, and it has a withdrawal fee of 0.002btc. This platform was first established at early 2017, and it is also based on Belize, the only thing that's not good about this platform is that , it doesn't allow user to pay with credits cards or debit cards, this makes it not to be recognize has a big exchange platform. This platform only allows transfer of crypto currencies, trade by trade has a very low trading volume and it also lacks sponsors , this makes users not to get relied on it , because it look more like an abandoned projectVer reseña completa

Logotipo de hyper snakes

Good day everyone , After some researches being done , I found out some information on hyper snakes , hyper snakes doesn't not have a vital information from the developers and for this, the users ain't relied on it. Hyper snakes was first released at early 2020. It was one of the product of marvel group, this platform do enable users to get entertained, have fun and it also interesting. When this game was released many users looked down on it , and for this the game was closed down , it no longer run on any platform. Some of the users were having confidence on the game because it was from a very good company marvel, but instead their confident was shattered, it seems hyper snakes is just another abandoned job like others. I don't recommend anybody to access this game, it not reliable nor accessible.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de infinite fleet

good day everyone, after some exhaustive research, I found out that infinite fleet is a crypto currency game that multiplayer is allowed, and it also allows it user to be able to learn more tangible things on crypto, this game do get it users entertained and they do have fun while playing it. This platform has a very good , in fact excellent graphic that enable it user easy access to the web Page, though no efforts has been put towards the game to get a very good quality. It has low management, the developers are doing nothing to get this platform improved. Infinite fleet was recently launched into the crypto market, which also has a FAQ section, I don't advise any user to get close to this platform, it not really reliable.Ver reseña completa

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