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Review on Radar Relay by Bashiru Awoleye

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Radar Relay

Good day everyone, After some thorough research on this platform called Radar relay. i found out that this platform is also an exchange platform from the crypto currency blockchain technology that trade crypto currencies like Ethereum , bitcoins and other tokens.

This platform it users to be able to trade DAI which is also another token in the crypto ecosystem. This platform is very unique compare to other platform, it does not necessarily need registration or even signing up. It is a decentralized platform.

This platform has a very good graphics and design which makes it very easy for it user to use. It is fast and very efficient. it is very recommendable to Traders.

Updated 3 years ago
Rating changed from 3 to 4
Hi guys , after recent researches been done on this platform, I discovered that this platform now accept a lot of varieties of token unlike before, popularity of this platform is no large unlike how it used to be. After some updates been done on this platform it web design is now one of the very best you can ever imagine.

  • It has a top notch design
  • It is Well developed
  • It does not necessarily need registration
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has Little popularity
  • It only accept small varieties of token